The Diagonal — More Studies 01

Image found when googling “The Diagonal” using image option. Compare to Vaher’s “Don’t speak” again.

Stock Photo – The white man spread his hands apart on the diagonal Isolated on white background


Let’s start moving down The Diagonal now beginning at the northeast corner to take pictures of the specific triple coordinate points for each sim. First up: Scotopteryx. About the only distinguishable item I can find to speak of here is that this occurs on Linden owned land (Route 5)…


… as does the next triple point in my present home sim of Philudoria, this time next to a Linden owned rr.


My land in Philudoria, with Westside in the foreground and a bunch of new land for sale behind it and to the left. However, because The Diagonal passes through Westside, I’m not tempted to buy the land currently to create a “Northside” for VWX Town to replace Westside. Westside is certainly still engaging my attention, as is The Diagonal as a whole with the new set of discovered triple coordinate numbers or now so-called master numbers of each involved sim.


The Lanestris triple coordinates of 97/97/97 is the first, starting at the northeast corner once more, to be placed on non-Linden land. Instead it is owned by the Virtual Chelsea Hotel group. As such, the 3rd coordinate of the triplet — elevation — is subject to change at the whim of this group within the plus 4 meter/minus 4 meter range of terrain editing allowed in the sim (default terraforming for mainland sims as a whole). One would have to revert the land to original conditions (i.e., Linden default terrain) in order to determine the true elevation here. But the point is that the triple coordinate could change in the sim, unlike Scotopteryx and Philudoria before it — given that the Lindens don’t re-terraform their own land in each case.

The now infamous Lanestris triple coordinate is a twin to Rubi’s identical 97/97/97, which we’ll briefly review in part 02 of 02 of this post series. Unlike the Lanestris triplet, the Rubi triplet *does* exist on Linden land, and is therefore likely “fixed” on this particular spot, just as the case with Scotopteryx/31/31/31 and Philudoria/60/60/60. These are one of two exactly twinned triple coordinates of The Diagonal as a whole as it currently exists. We’ll get to the second set of twins in part 02 of 02 once more.(9/20/13: the story of these twinned coordinate points has changed a bit with the introduction of Hucka D.’s Bank of Despair in Tiretta; see here).


Currently you cannot directly teleport into what appears to be the triple coordinate point of Hooktip, the sim next on The Diagonal. Instead you’ll have to walk over to it through your chosen avatar. The triplet is located on Hooktip Yards and VRC Grand Central Station property. To remind: the Hooktip train station itself is almost centered upon The Diagonal. See here for an interesting post by my VWX Town neighbor Veyot about a trip starting at this very station and ending in Deirli, which also just happens to be a Diagonal sim.


After Hooktip, The Diagonal begins to descend toward the Heterocera continent’s central, large lagoon, losing elevation in the process. Hooktip 135/135/135 in fact appears to be the highest point on The Diagonal as a whole. Only one sim down, our apparent triple point, Burnet/32/32/32, has lost over 100 meters in elevation.

At this spot, Baker Bloch finds himself in the middle of the “Washburne (Washtown)” property, defining itself as a space port, a fact borne out by the presence of several star ships and hangers in the immediate vicinity. The octagonally shaped Joe’s Garage is to his northeast. A synchromystic Frank Zappa reference?


Hmmm… maybe the spaceport’s actual name now is Shadowrim, and the land description has not been updated to reflect this change. Interesting flag.


Next up is the sim Cosmet, and the triple point in this case lies on land called Cosmet Corner. Curiously, the triple coordinate is positioned on the opposite side of the 784 sq. meter parcel from the sim’s corner here; this may also be meaningful in the overall Diagonal story.


We end part 01 of this 2 part series in Hirtaria, the next sim down on The Diagonal with a triple coordinate point of 15/15/15. This is the second lowest triplet on The Diagonal.


Hirtaria is a Linden owned water sim making up a section of the continent’s central lagoon system, as is Biston to follow.

(Continued in The Diagonal — More Studies 02)

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