The 14 triplet points of The Diagonal

All but 2 of the 14 sims along The Diagonal contains one and only one point where all 3 location coordinates become the same number. In addition, one sim has 2 that Baker Bloch can identify (Rosieri) and there’s even one Diagonal sim with 3 such points (Tiretta). Even given the exceptions, I’ve still decided to call these numbers the master numbers of any Diagonal sim.

Master numbers that are twinned or almost twinned (within one meter of each other) are bolded in the slurl listings below of each of these spots. Notice that with the exception of Hirtaria near the center of The Diagonal (Hirtaria 15/15/15), *every other* sim starting at the northeast end of it has a twinned master number. Again: interesting.*

The twins are Scotopteryx/31/31/31 (1) and Burnet/32/32/32 (5); Lanestris/97/97/97 (3) and Rubi/97/97/97 (11); and Miata 37/37/37 (9) and Tiretta/37/37/37 (13). Early conclusion: The Rubi Diagonal, strong and sufficient in and of itself in 2008 (seeded by the fixed position of Rubi/97/97/97), has now extended itself across the whole continent in order to survive and thrive, with a major twinned “seed point” being Lanestris/97/97/97. In fact, Lanestris/97/97/97 might have been specifically crafted, as it were, to act as a twin to Rubi/97/97/97, and build upon its potential.


The Diagonal twisted back upon itself. Profound implications here. The master numbers of each half of the central purple, red and orange sims (colors determined by height of sim, purple being the highest) add up to the same number (60+97+135=192; 80+97+115=192), with the two red sims (Rubi and Lanestris) having the same master number (97). Moreover, the change between the 3 numbers, on each side, is constant (37 between 60-97-135; 17 for 80-97-115). The master numbers of the yellow-green and lower yellow sims add up to the same number (32+23=55; 37+18=55). *And then* the overall number of, moving top to bottom, the orange, red, purple, lower yellow, and yellow-green sims add up to the same number (247). Could this tie into the meaning of the central diamond shapes in Enola Vaher’s desperate woman from “Don’t speak”? Could it relate to the string of yellow submarines Standing Baker is pulling out of the Greenup Gill landscape in Greenup 16? How about Kentucky’s Bee Line found in Herman Park last Fall? — I think that too has to factor in here.


* 9:58pm correction:
Baker Bloch was checking Tiretta/37/37/37 just a moment ago and noticed that there is a Tiretta/36/36/36 and also even a Tiretta/35/35/35 location he can position himself in. So Tiretta seems to have *3* master numbers: 35, 36, and 37. This comes about because the bank that the master number positions are on rises about a meter in elevation for every meter increased in both height and width within the sim. There’s almost a Tiretta 38/38/38, but Baker, despite several tries, cannot focus in on this number, nor Tiretta/34/34/34 in the other direction. I’ll make a close inspection of other master number locations along The Diagonal to see if Tiretta’s multiple master number situation is unique. My guess is that it will be. It would have to be a similar situation — a bank with similar qualities at the right location in any sim.

Oh fudge.

10:23pm update:

Hucka Doobie has very cleverly rezzed a row of cubes showing the progression of the triplet diagonal number on the Tiretta bank in question, one meter at a time. For him, the triple number appears at 34/34/34 (foreground cube), because of his lower stature. Baker Bloch is more a normal sized avatar, and for him he can manifest the master number of the sim now at 35, 36, and 37 positions. One can assume a taller avatar would have additional master numbers of 38 and 39 (back cubes in the below pic) and perhaps beyond.



Further notes:

For the considerably shorter Hucka Doobie, the master number of Philudoria appears to be 59 instead of 60, 96 instead of 97 for Lanestris, 31 instead of 32 in Burnet, 22 instead of 23 in Cosmet, 14 instead of 15 in Hirtaria, 79 instead of 80 in Rosieri (Baker Bloch has also discovered he can position himself at Rosieri/79/79/79 with some effort). We’ve already discussed the more complicated situation in Tiretta, where Hucka Doobie seems most stable at 34/34/34. Then in Dierli, we have another loss of a meter for the master number in terms of Hucka: 4/4/4 instead of the 5/5/5 for Baker Bloch.


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5 responses to “The 14 triplet points of The Diagonal

  1. Veyot

    But how can something tripled be twinned. I am lost.

    • Veyot

      i have gone way back to the blog 2008 and found this sentence. ” I suppose, that Baker’s stride is a healthy two meters or so.” and that explains why i cannot understand. My stride is shorter.

  2. Hey neighbor! Still working on the text of the last 3 posts or so — apologies for the present sloppiness. The major twinning I speak of is Lanestris/97/97/97 with Rubi/97/97/97, although there are two similar ones on The Diagonal. This is the only spot in either sim where width, length and height are the same number. So its kind of a unique defining number for each sim, and it happens to be the same for each one (97). You may have to move around a bit after the teleport but with the above slurls you should find all the triplets for not only Lanestris and Rubi, but each sim on The Diagonal, 14 sims in all. I’ll polish up the present posts and create new ones on the subject asap. Thanks for the comments!

    • Veyot

      I found Philudoria 60/60/60 easily but there is not a bank there. not even one with similar qualities. I had better luck with Lanestris 97/97/97 and enjoyed Enola Vaher’s artwork. Now I am headed for Scotopteryx. This is a very interesting theory.

      • Veyot

        and from scotopteryx, if i put the selection beam on the Hooktip coordinates, it’s a SW diagonal, everything all lined up. I can see you have worked on this in a true scientific manner.

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