Extensions 01

The Diagonal seems to be predicted in the Jasper 07 collage from 2009 (“It’s up to us now”), presently hanging in Southside’s Gallery Jack.


Compare its central long, keyhole shaped image (tiles from the side of a Michigan building) with here:



Even the foreground tile of the picture is adorned with a “D” (the logo of the Detroit Tigers, seen on all subsequent tiles as well extending into the background), just as the first sim on The Diagonal is Dierle, and associated with the letter “D” in the above grid diagram and also in the the microcosmic replica of The Diagonal in Westside’s Church of The Diagonal (below pic; far left letter).



In looking further at Jasper 07, there’s no real doubt in my mind that this *is* a representation of the future, extended version of The Diagonal. Jasper 07 partially concerns — consciously, that is — the early version of The Diagonal, known only in its “Rubi exclusive” state then. See here for an interpretive post concerning Jasper 07, also from 2009.* And see here, once more, for my 2008 series about the Rubi aspect of The Diagonal if you wish.


We switch subjects to VWX Town’s ties to the actual (*non*-virtual) Whitehead Crossing, or “WX” without the “V”, as it were. I see the link now mainly made through the big grey seal perched on a segment of the Power Tower Gowlery, an obvious and also conscious representation of WX’s pivotal Grey Seal (Grey Rock + Seal Stone). The stream below the virtual grey seal may also stand for WX’s Whitehead Brook, Little Whitehead, and No Name Spring one and all, as the Grey Seal rock formation lies relatively close to each.


Admittedly, there’s a tension between just giving up the virtual version of Whitehead Crossing — which actually has little to do with the real version except for the connections listed just above — and keeping it into October and perhaps beyond. On the one hand, I’m obviously going to be focusing more on the outdoors and Frank and Herman Parks for the next several months, taking time and energy away from Second Life. On the other hand, we have the growing story of The Diagonal, an exterior energy source for VWX Town that ties it to the whole continent of Heterocera and beyond. I’ll just have to play the two directions against each other for a while longer and see what happens. At any rate I’m certainly pleased about progress made on an interpretation of The Diagonal so far. It may even outstrip Jeogeot mysticism (Big E/Schwa, etc.) in the long run. And to close, I’d like to thank my virtual neighbor Veyot for testing out aspects of The Diagonal and calling it a very interesting theory. 🙂


* In the post, I say of this collage and central image the following:

The overall shape of the orange tiled surface, in combination with the circular shape containing the keyhole at the top of the collage, is also keyhole shaped, Hucka D. The shape runs from the very top to the very bottom of the collage. This collage also happens to be 1024 pixels wide and 682 pixels high, making a relationship of 3:2 between the sides. 1024 is the size of the parcel I just rented in Klein, Hucka D [made up, as well, originally of 2 side-by-side 512 parcels]. The middle of the orange tile lies about 512 pixels from either side as well; exact center of the collage left-to-right, then…. This despite the fact that the overall shape of Jasper 07 is not based on any found photo this time, Hucka D. It is instead *tiled* from an edited picture of a toy, found in a search for Rookwood+tiles…


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