Burnt Octagon

Yesterday I noticed a similarity between VWX Town’s newly erected Marble Tower…


… and a gazebo near the northeast corner of Burnet and thus near The Diagonal passing through same. For now I call it the Burnet Gazebo. Both it and the Marble Tower are based on the number 8, a number also strongly highlighted by the previously discussed Joe’s Garage octagon in lower Burnet.


I decided a link should be effected between the two, and am even tempted to rename the VWX Tower in question the Burnet Tower. Probably won’t, because I like the name Marble Tower, and it’s not close to the Burnet sim unlike the gazebo. Compare its colors with here (a form of agate or aggie marble)…


A chart showing the relationship of The Diagonal (blue line) and attached elevations (pink line) as it passes through Burnet. The master number again for Burnet is 32, where the number of the Diagonal becomes the same as the number of the elevation in meters. 32 is 1/8th 256, and thus 1/8th up Burnet’s Diagonal from the 0 point.


The Diagonal as extended up from Burnet through Hooktip, Lanestris and Philudoria, my home sim and the site of VWX Town. Notice my Church of The Diagonal seems to be the only structure directly aligned with The Diagonal on this map.

VWX Town, Diagonal02e

The Diagonal passes almost through the exact middle of the Hooktip train station, where Baker is sitting below.


All these octagon based structures appear to also relate to the Billfork diagram explained in House Greenup’s Floydada, as pointed out to me by Westside’s C. Derek Jones during his several visits to me today. He wants to make sure that Northside knows its place in the bigger scheme of things, and that Westside and Westside alone lies on The Diagonal, making it super important and indispensable to VWX Town. Given that I don’t have any terraforming powers in Northside nor the ability to create linden plants, he need not worry as much.

I’ll perhaps get to more on the Billfork Core Diagram soon, then. On the surface, however, there seems to be a resonance going on between it and Burnet’s Joe’s Garage, specifically through Zappa’s inspired creation Billy the Mountain featured in a mini rock opera of the same name. Billy parallels The Bill of Billfork — explain more of that soon, then.


An octagon shaped hut appears in a 1987 scetchbook of mine, with a purple martin flying away from it and toward a line of static filled televisions emerging from a nearby wood. A clump of trees (lemon, lime, lemon-lime) in an otherwise barren spot blocks its progression. This picture eerily predicts the future appearance of the Billfork diagram, which also contains a 9th “purple MartiN” symbol that separates itself from an 8 pointed octagon. It’s also an inspiration for Bark’s “The High Octave Story”. More on that soon as well.


The octagon and martin, two in this case, make a reappearance in a more recent artwork titled “Saltzhole”. Also notice that the Marble Tower kind of looks like a chess rook.




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