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More clues

Green-ish spot on wall near VHC Town’s central Purple Tower.


Another part of underground VHC Town, found remotely while Baker Bloch was still standing in front of the purple tower at Lanestris 097 097 097:


Related link and quote:


Overhead VHC Town, with “black hole” in middle. The 097 097 097 spot is just to the west of its plain but also clearly poisonous purple tower.


In the same area is another freebie box, offering a green texture. It appears to be the nearest freebie box to the Poison Violet offering.

Related link and quote in this case:


The approx. rgb color of the 20 prim purple tower house situated directly in front of 097 097 097 Lanestris is 051 000 051. It seems to be very dark purple, with mainly even parts red and blue but little to no green.


Mouseview from Bembecia 208 208 097, which is then on another sim diagonal, and parallel to *The* Diagonal running through Lanestris to its immediate east. Notice this is also at elevation 097, just like the now infamous 097 097 097 location in Lanestris.


Baker now stands at Bembecia 202 202 096, still on a sim diagonal. He can follow this particular diagonal no further within the room.





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