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VWX Town Once More 01

Newest map of VWX Town.


Compare with here from just 2 days prior.

Biggest changes:

* addition of The Table House where the ToXic Art Gallery use to be, with the latter moved to the northeast corner of the town. The Table House becomes VWX Town’s newest hub, its primary power spot. Exciting things will be happening within soon.

* deletion of Tooter Claxton’s marvelous Hobo Squat to make room for the ToXic Art Gallery movement. Necessary.

* Creation of 2nd part of Stairs Gallery using same structure as employed in part 1. Both parts are connected to the Big Boy tower by bridges, allowing one to easily move between the two. This will most likely be a guest artist exhibit spot, probably emphasizing collage works again.

* Town Hall inserted between Coolie Bldg. and The Table House. For a brief spell this hall existed on the site of present Stairs Gallery Part #1, and for a briefer time both duplicate Town Halls coexisted with each other in these locations. Now the only duplicate structures of VWX Town are the parts of the Stairs Gallery.

Currently I have 574 prims to use for future construction in my newest virtual village. Great! And to free up even more prims, I could partially empty both the Sink Lair and the Quadtower of TILE, placing pointers to online exhibits of the works within instead.

So what’s next? Of the 4 bigger statues use in VWX Town so far, only Goldie remains, with bickering twins Newton and Jasper, and also coppery Brash, having been deleted in the meantime.

New location of ToXic Art. Seems to slot in this corner perfectly.

Dsiplaced palm trees from this same corner find a new home in Westside. Cardboard Derek Jones actually approves!

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