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Hole Circle: New Information


I saw the photograph of this formation on September 15, 2001. I wrote some numbers in my files concerning it, but did not post it.

5313 Formation All Cannings Down, Wiltshire 28 Aug

5313 Formation Tanhill Penning, nr Allington Down, Wiltshire 28th August

This is a paste from my notes:

This has 5 circles in a thought bubble pattern. Below that is three circles, a larger one slightly above two smaller. Below and to the right side is a single circle. Below and to the right of that is three small circles in a line. This may suggest 5, 3, 1, 3 or the reverse, 3, 1, 3, 5.

5313 + 3135 = 8448
8448 / 1.6 = 5280 (a mile in feet)
8448 / 11 = 768
24 x 32 = 768
768 x 3 = 2304 (Gematrian)

Tanhill, I believe, was the location of the Mega-Glyph.

I placed a post on Paul Vigay’s site this morning, October 5, 2001

(end of addition)


As determinable by the below photos, the 2001 Milk Hill crop circle (1st photo) lies closer to the Hole Circle as a whole than the 2005 Milk Hill circle from the same field (2nd photo):



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Bizarre thread…


Why does Forest Home, AL come up on page 2 of a google search for “Zeta Forest”??

Colin Andrews on the “corrupt” wikipedia article re crop circles:


Check interesting video here at 0:50 for same circle mentioned in several posts below (Milk Hill “lid” circle):


Bizzare former link between Bill Mtn. “aliens” and their “Forest Home” w/ Savernake:


I’m drawing a green and upside down triangle and making a conclusion.

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