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Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 02

Dierli 195 195 029: A rooster on the diagonal. When I revisited the scene through Baker Bloch just now, a horse was also sleeping just beside the rooster, head very close. To exactly walk the Rubi Diagonal, Baker would have to step over this non-phantom fowl. Is this, instead, Ruustre?


Tiretta 014 014 035: Passed through this large Christian oriented billboard. Not the last such billboard I’d encounter while exploring The Diagonal.


Tiretta 051 051 041: Mushrooms; billboard still in plain sight.


Tiretta 097 097 044: Almost collided with a Linden cypress tree no. 1 (098 096 043) just off the Sandgrass Road.


Rosieri 089 089 083: Passed through edges of plumeria off Robin Lane.


Rubi 000 000 107: Edge o’ Rubi, if not the Rubi Forest quite yet. I won’t revisit The Diagonal in the forest through the current blog series since it’s been chronicled here.


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