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Amazing journey to England the past 2 weeks. Will probably have to write all my experiences out in at least a 20 part travelogue of some sort. Spent the first week based in Devizes and the second in Marlborough, 2 mid sized burgs framing the heart of Wiltshire crop circle country on the west and east respectively. Some highlights…

* *Did* see some crop circles, and all basically by “accident”, or spotted during hikes I’d already planned for other reasons. *Didn’t* go into a crop circle, although had one opportunity to do so — well, kinda two. More on that later. The most dramatic one I saw with my naked eye, again without trying or attempting to find it, was this work, perhaps interestingly one of those less common two parters.


(per notes by Red Collie in comments, the crop circle seems to be tied with the Alan Turing Building of Manchester, UK)*

But the crop circle season is *way* behind this year, and we weren’t able to see much less enter a larger or obviously unhoaxed effort. The next time we visit Wiltshire (yes, there’s probably going to be a next time!) we’ll go in July or August, perhaps. But for this time late June was perfect.

* English *roads* — they’re narrow and you drive on the wrong side of the road. They’re basically unnerving and frequently caused meltdowns on my part. Also the parking there is a problem. It’s just *very* different overall. Couldn’t have guessed most of that without going to England to experience in person.

* English coffee — not very good. *Very* glad to get back to my Stateside Starbucks and extra shot iced lattes for sure! The main coffee shop over there is Costa; we didn’t/couldn’t visit any Starbucks outside the airports. The nearest Starbucks to us in Wiltshire were in Swindon and Salisbury, which we didn’t get to.

* English countryside — more beautiful than advertised.

* English *weather* for exploring this countryside and also the population centers — *perfect*! It was almost never too hot over there, and the coolness and hiking went hand-in-hand. Rain wasn’t too much of a problem for us during the visit, thankfully.

I’ll write more soon. Currently I’m looking up more info on that crop circle I give a link to above. My Gilatona-Lis collages created after deciding to go helped *tremendously* in exploring the landscape and decisions made.

Be back with more details shortly!


* more on Turing machine from wolfram site:

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