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Going Back in Time 02

“There is some secret *sealed* up in the Medieval village of Shaw, Hucka D., deserted since the 15th Century apparently.”

Hucka D.:

The village of Seale, Texas, with its past as Shaw, seals this deal, yeah.


The Wansdyke is such an important, unifying element to the central Wiltshire landscape. This would be the East Wansdyke according to the wikipedia article on the subject.*

Hucka D.:

You traced a lot of it in your Wiltshire hikes. Good for you!



Let’s see, Hucka D., I hiked part of the East Wansdyke, the most preserved section of the 3 identified parts of the Roman ditch, at Morgan Hill, the western terminus of the eastern part. Then I hiked part of the dike around West Woods, following it to the site of the old Medieval village of Shaw, which I plan to return to when heading back to Wiltshire. Will this be 5 years; 10 years? Will have to see how crop circles develop in the meantime, and people’s opinion of them and the development of the psychic state of the world at large. Going to be an interesting 5-10 years for sure! I think Hucka D. has left the scene. So something is sealed at Shaw. I always felt very pleased when hiking this ancient ditch. It runs across the lower edge of The Hole in the heart of crop circle country.**


* see also the home page for “Wansdyke Project 21”:

** Additional notes: the huge 2001 Milk Hill mega-glyph is one of the closer crop circle formations ever to appear near the Wandsdyke.

Also from 2001, and 2 weeks before the huge Milk Hill glyph appeared, comes this interesting formation that may be the closest ever to the Wansdyke. This would be in a field just west of the former Shaw village site.



Another crop circle from the year before (July 16, 2000), w/ seemingly similar design elements and from the same field as the one pictured above, is here:








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