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VWX Town renewed 02a

Where does each lead?


7/12/13 update:

“Older” shot of VWX Town in Philudoria, my newest virtual village. Even to this scene, the Tower of A. Mann now sits on the little mound to the left with the circle of mushrooms, and the Burl Tower has taken the place of the Big E to the right. Things are changing rapidly in my new virtual city!


VWX Town has now been roughly divided into 3 unequally sized zones or districts: Southside, Central and Westside. Southside and Westside are actually the same size for now (2048 sq meters apiece), with Central being over 3 times as large as each (6656 sq meters). The next photo comes from a structure just into the Westside territory from Central, unnamed for now and containing various surreal art and also the aquarium seen below. The *twist* is that it’s not even my structure, and I’m just using or borrowing it. More on that soon. More on the zones of VWX Town as well. Note that the V W X symbols mentioned in the former VWX Town post all formed in Central. I’ll also provide a map of the virtual village as soon as the construction dust settles. 🙂




The VWX Town skyline, with Power Tower Gowlery to the left, Big Boy (Tower) and Tower of A. Mann in the middle, and the still unfinished Kidd Tower just to their right.


A photo looking down the length of Westside toward a small Gothic Castle, still devoid of objects within.


Baker Bloch starting to walk down the left arm of the “V” shaped path in moving from Westside into Central.


Off this path is another path heading into the heart of VWX Town, with its so-called eternally bickering Newton and Jasper statues surrounding a map of Jasper County, Illinois. They front the most recent incarnation of the ToXic Art Gallery holding my “Art 10×10” collages, with the names of most of its series coming from towns and villages of this county, as well as the county name itself (Jasper series, the final one of the 10×10). Oh, all the Art 10×10 collages are in this gallery *except* for the 20 part Greenup series, which has a separate gallery in Westside (House Greenup).


Baker Bloch standing in front of the Damned Mansion, which has also already been deleted from VWX Town and replaced with the Stairs Gallery last seen in New Pietmond, Otaki Gorge I believe. We’re still just heading down the left arm of the “V”…


… soon to reach this odd collection of characters clustered around the Trojan Warrior statue that marks the bottom of the “V”, and where it begins to turn upwards once more.


As you can see, he stands in the midst of a large treasure trove.


VWX Town renewed 02b

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Updates, 2nd try

Recently I’ve bought or rented 10752 square meters of land in Second Life. This morning, after filling my land with objects last night, believe I’ll only hold on to the 2048 rental after this month. The newest version of VWX Town is *not* the second coming of Pietmond or New Pietmond for that matter. Simply have to resign myself, finally and firmly, that this is *it* for Second Life, and I can’t make any more big splurges — instead the focus will be on synchronity art and writing. In saying that, still want to post pictures from VWX Town, and I’m not finished with it yet. Also want to re-read some of the old Pietmond posts from this blog, and (especially) the Baker Blinker Blog. Begin to shape up the latter blog — perhaps an index is in order, even.

I’m suffering post-England blahs for certain. Looking forward to Charleston trip projected for Labor Day weekend. Fall hiking season is several months away, and is always a fun time. Before the Wiltshire vacation, Edna and I had planned to create a joint writing work called “Bark”, composed of some of our old material from the 1980s, 1990s and even early 2000s, possibly even including some new material. We will not publish this under our own names, but under the generic “Them.” Since coming back I’ve also made very tentative plans for a new writing project, beyond the recent blogs and building on the mid 2000s notes for a Paradox III document. The working name for this is Paradox III; Cross of the Lamb. I’ll certainly continue to write posts for this blog (Frank and Herman Einstein!) and also create a/v synchs and synchronicity related collages like the 10×10 series and the more recent Gilatona-Lis series. That’s not going to stop. I need to organize the a/v synch material — that must be a priority in coming months and years, starting with getting a gizmo that will convert my 8-track videos to DVDs (soon!).

Started on not one but 2 new carrcasses (a/v synchs) before heading to Wiltshire… need to finish those up, and it looks like they will be twins in the manner of Uncle Meatwad and Empire Strikes Brak from 2007. And they will probably represent the most complex synch since then as well, stepping up from even Red 7 from last summer (comparable to Head Trip and Pretty Bunnies in complexity). But I also feel this particular twin synch is a finalizing of a stage, and not an entry into a string of complex works ala a Frank’s Moving Mtn. to 1Pink run. No, 1Pink will in all likelihood remain the most complex synch I create, and Peewee Big the best overall in terms of completed ones — Peewee Big coming immediately before the composition of 1Pink.

For woods hikes this summer and fall, will have to get use to a new camera, since Liquor died on me in England. Sad. Very. But now I can move on with new and improved technology, supposedly, in hand as it were.


Hucka D.:

Why don’t you make collages of your final Liquor shots. That’ll maybe cheer you up.


Thanks, Hucka D.

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