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Latest Incarnation…

… of VWX Town.


Main update: moving of the Temple of TILE more into the center of the town. Physically it has been moved from the Southside region to VWX Town’s Central sector, making Cardboard Derek Jones and the rest of Westside even more pissed off than ever, at least for the moment. For Central seems to be making power play after power play to simply take over the town, strangling Westside and perhaps Southside as well out of the picture. This according to CDJ, who, we know, can’t be counted on as a totally objective source.

For compensation to Southside, Pietmond’s Gallery Jack has been rezzed in the spot of the old location of the Temple of TILE. Bean Mister has defected from Central to Southside to act as bartender for its top floor bar. The spirit of Pietmond is said to dwell in that building at night.

In the transition to the center of town, unfortunately the Temple of TILE lost the functionality of its highly touted “Dark Side of the Rainbow” based walking labyrinth. Maybe the labyrinth can be moved to a different location in the burg.


Oh… I *could* just move it up from the first to the second floor of the same structure (!) Maybe that’s the solution for this particular problem.

Where is all this heading? I’ve started an analysis of all the buildings in the town. Temple of TILE will have its turn if this continues. Unfortunantly, once more, Westside has no structures that have historic depth, and will most likely be left out of such an analysis, to the irritation of CDJ and other Westies.

Structures of Pietmond:

Gallery Behind The Eyes
Wall of Eyes
Small Gothic Castle
Gallery None
Westside Garage
Surrealism Gallery
Kidd Tower
Home o’ Fibs
ToXic Art Gallery
Stairs Gallery #1
Big Boy
Tower of A. Mann
The Table House
Burl Tower
Temple of TILE
Hole in the Wall bar
Stairs Gallery #2
Home Orange
Coolie Building
Town Hall
Quadtower of TILE
Sink Lair Gallery
House of Truth
Power Tower Gowlery
Gallery Jack



*Latest* incarnation. What’s happened after the last picture (top o’ post here) is that, 1) the Sink Lair has been replaced in its old spot by the Norris Gallery or Norris Temple (take your pick), and, 2) the Sink Lair has *replaced* the short lived Gallery Jack in Southside. Oh, and Town Hall has moved on the other side of the path from where it was, and *its* spot has been replaced by a low prim version of Urban Steampunk Building (nonfunctional).


Still over 400 prims to play around with in Central/Westside now. Yippie! VWX Town is becoming perfected.

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