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Rubi Diagonal: More Thoughts

Rubi Diagonal is 256 x 14 x 1.41421 meters long, or 5068.53 meters long. This is 3.1494 miles, fairly close to pi (3.141519), which gave me the idea of reformatting the diagonal as a circle of 14 sections, end (Scotopteryx sim) connected back to beginning (Dierli sim). Pi of pies.

Rubi Diagonal Circle

To make it exactly 3.141519 miles, you’d have to shorten the diagonal by about 12 1/2 meters, or an average of less than 1 meter per sim it passes through.

The centerpoint of The Diagonal is in the very center of the 2 completely water sims of the 14 (Biston and Hirtaria), another interesting tidbit to consider. Opposite this on the above wheel is more water at the top of Scotopteryx and the bottom of Dierli.

Almost all sims involved in The Diagonal appear to be named after various moth species. If so, Philudoria appears to be a mispelling of Philodoria. This could be interesting, because I’d already named another Second Life community Philo (or Hilo) — see here. And this is the sim VWX Town now appears in, which is kind of a replacement for this Philo.

The only sim in doubt of breaking this pattern, then, is Burnet, which does not come up in the top hits of wikipedia as a moth species. Instead, Burnet County, Texas pops up at the top. But in digging a little deeper just now, yes, it looks like Burnet is also the name of a moth. Rubi is rather ambiguous on the surface as well, but also the name of a moth, and that’s the obvious origin as a sim name. So — all 14 sims appear to be consciously named for a moth species.

Burnet County, a kind of oddball of the 14 as stated above, is also the last home of DB of Synchronicity Phenomena Forum, and there is a Dubia (DB) sim not far away to the south and east of the Burnet sim.

There are 2 high points on The Diagonal, the first (from the south) coming in Horisme near the Great Linden Wall, and the second in Hooktip, near the Hooktip train station, perhaps, which the diagonal runs directly through. There is a low point between the two, which represents Linden sea level — when you enter Hirtaria. 3 H’s, then, which are high, low, and high. That may be a central triangle as follows:


A logical extension of this to encompass the whole Diagonal:


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VWX Town expands outward to thinly envelop neighboring regions such as Lanestris and also faraway regions through the Rubi Diagonal Extension — such as Lanestris. [Rubi, I meant] Virtual Whitehead X-ing or Crossing is a re-creation of a real place in theory, just like Virtual Chelsea Hotel centering Lanestris.

Hucka D.:

There’s not much art left in Heterocera, except along the Rubi Diagonal and Lanestris and such. But if you wish you can create a smaller version of the “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit based on the Atoll Continent’s art scene instead. The Rubi Diagonal works behind the scenes. I’d go ahead and do it.


Thanks Hucka D. Nice that VWX Town has expanded outward to include other regions, and indeed, perhaps, the whole continent it exists upon. Mother and child.

Hucka D.:

Soon you will be out in the real woods again with your new and real camera, snapping pictures. But for now Your Second Lyfe will do. Rubi Diagonal — read back on all that material. Heterocera has its own story to tell, and Corsica with it. Corsica is the lemony twin for lime’s Atoll Continent. Goodbye.

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Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 05

Baker stands at 139 139 104 Lanestris, examing art (“Wizard’s Tower set” by Sarrah Docherty) in yet another Virtual Chelsea Hotel gallery space that The Diagonal passes directly through.


The Rubi Diagonal crosses the corner of a 512 square meter, banned parcel called Pitch Black near the center of Lanestris, not owned by the Chelsea Hotel group and probably predating its origins. The village was most likely built around this 2010 purchased parcel, in other words. Is it representative of a central black hole, perhaps?


The only structure on Pitch Black is this nondescript, 20 prim “purple tower house”. Baker Bloch stands at 086 086 014 to take these particular pictures.



Still in Lanestris, The Diagonal also knives through this mesh bristo that Baker Bloch can’t properly see with my outdated viewer.


Let’s go up The Diagonal to, well, let’s first visit VWX Town and Westside. Cardboard Derek Jones is super-excited to find The Diagonal passing through this erected pillar at 125 125 046 Philudoria. This is a repost of the last photo from “Around VWX Town 02.”


011 011 032 Scotopteryx: a Route 5 Texaco.


Baker on the edge of Heterocera’s eastern sea at 102 102 023 Scotopteryx.


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Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 04

The Diagonal at 079 078 118 Hooktip, just past Burnet. The SLRR develops into quite a maze of tracks in this sim.


The Rubi Diagonal almost passes through the exact center of the Hooktip railroad depot, with Baker here standing at 167 167 034.


Then continuing to follow The Diagonal north and east, we return to the complex sim of Lanestris dominated by the huge Virtual Chelsea Hotel. Let’s return to Lanestrum from the west, actually, where below we find Baker standing directly beneath a Chelsea Hotel sign at 211 212 081.


The first art Baker encounters on The Diagonal, continuing to trace its path to the east through Lanestris, is this tubed shell design by serra Qendra, on display at one of the many gallery rental units located in the Virtual Chelsea Hotel community.


The Diagonal then passes through this digital painting by bonafidenutts Aries in an adjacent gallery space (Lanestris 149 149 104).


The Diagonal disappears into this corner of the same gallery, between works called “Fire smoke and a thought” and “A long dark whisper”.



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Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 03

Entrance to an empty and frosty shack at Miata 019 019 038, owned by Tomato McCallen, a name suggestive of “tomato can” (by the by, 19 + 19 = 38). The shack is called “+mudshake – little Holiday luck”, on land named “obscure extended.” Obscure is the sim just below Miata, and just south of the shack itself. I assume that the shack’s owner owns or use to own another parcel in Obscure itself, and bought this land in Miata afterwards to “extend” his land.


And here’s the *second* giant Christian related billboard on the Rubi Diagonal, or just to its south, actually. Baker stands on the very northeast corner of Miata while taking this shot (see: diminutive figure just below the billboard’s lower right corner).


Going forward just a bit, upon a return trip the next day to Miata, Baker notices that Bacon Hellershanks’ studio gallery happens to lie just *north* of the Rubi Diagonal, and just below the popular Lollygagger village in southern Agriopis. The southeast corner of Bacon’s holdings (Miata 163 188 023) lies about 10 meters east of The Diagonal. This could be important because Bacon is the main inspiration for the Hybuli character of original (Rubi’s) VWX Town related posts “Withdrawn” and “Rubi and SID’s 1st Oz”.


Back to the previous day now, we have a shot of a party at the center of the Lollygagger village next to Bacon Studios. Textures have not quite rezzed in all the way, but I thought I’d include it anyway to show what they had to look at in the distance while depravedly dancing away — the giant Hellfire warning. 😮


Actually, I first encountered the presence of Bacon in this region by hitching a ride — through Baker Bloch of course — in this tour pod. Turns out Bacon owns the pod and designed the short tour linking Lollygagger village with the Temple of Iris, an important, perhaps super-important Linden historic site. More on the Iris Temple here.


Arriving at the temple — again, textures hadn’t quite rezzed in yet in this picture.


Skipping now to the other side of Heterocera’s inland sea and The Diagonal’s central water sims of Biston and Hirtaria, we come to this more unusual scene in Cosmet: two superimposed vehicles of a bus and a trojan horse, wheels spinning on both. A school bus with similarly turning tires lies just below. All exist on land called “Morgaine’s Trench”.



Floating above higher ground in Burnet now, looking back on lower terrain across a segment of the atoll continent’s large Second Life Railroad system.



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