VWX Town expands outward to thinly envelop neighboring regions such as Lanestris and also faraway regions through the Rubi Diagonal Extension — such as Lanestris. [Rubi, I meant] Virtual Whitehead X-ing or Crossing is a re-creation of a real place in theory, just like Virtual Chelsea Hotel centering Lanestris.

Hucka D.:

There’s not much art left in Heterocera, except along the Rubi Diagonal and Lanestris and such. But if you wish you can create a smaller version of the “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit based on the Atoll Continent’s art scene instead. The Rubi Diagonal works behind the scenes. I’d go ahead and do it.


Thanks Hucka D. Nice that VWX Town has expanded outward to include other regions, and indeed, perhaps, the whole continent it exists upon. Mother and child.

Hucka D.:

Soon you will be out in the real woods again with your new and real camera, snapping pictures. But for now Your Second Lyfe will do. Rubi Diagonal — read back on all that material. Heterocera has its own story to tell, and Corsica with it. Corsica is the lemony twin for lime’s Atoll Continent. Goodbye.

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