Rubi Diagonal: More Thoughts

Rubi Diagonal is 256 x 14 x 1.41421 meters long, or 5068.53 meters long. This is 3.1494 miles, fairly close to pi (3.141519), which gave me the idea of reformatting the diagonal as a circle of 14 sections, end (Scotopteryx sim) connected back to beginning (Dierli sim). Pi of pies.

Rubi Diagonal Circle

To make it exactly 3.141519 miles, you’d have to shorten the diagonal by about 12 1/2 meters, or an average of less than 1 meter per sim it passes through.

The centerpoint of The Diagonal is in the very center of the 2 completely water sims of the 14 (Biston and Hirtaria), another interesting tidbit to consider. Opposite this on the above wheel is more water at the top of Scotopteryx and the bottom of Dierli.

Almost all sims involved in The Diagonal appear to be named after various moth species. If so, Philudoria appears to be a mispelling of Philodoria. This could be interesting, because I’d already named another Second Life community Philo (or Hilo) — see here. And this is the sim VWX Town now appears in, which is kind of a replacement for this Philo.

The only sim in doubt of breaking this pattern, then, is Burnet, which does not come up in the top hits of wikipedia as a moth species. Instead, Burnet County, Texas pops up at the top. But in digging a little deeper just now, yes, it looks like Burnet is also the name of a moth. Rubi is rather ambiguous on the surface as well, but also the name of a moth, and that’s the obvious origin as a sim name. So — all 14 sims appear to be consciously named for a moth species.

Burnet County, a kind of oddball of the 14 as stated above, is also the last home of DB of Synchronicity Phenomena Forum, and there is a Dubia (DB) sim not far away to the south and east of the Burnet sim.

There are 2 high points on The Diagonal, the first (from the south) coming in Horisme near the Great Linden Wall, and the second in Hooktip, near the Hooktip train station, perhaps, which the diagonal runs directly through. There is a low point between the two, which represents Linden sea level — when you enter Hirtaria. 3 H’s, then, which are high, low, and high. That may be a central triangle as follows:


A logical extension of this to encompass the whole Diagonal:


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