Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 04

The Diagonal at 079 078 118 Hooktip, just past Burnet. The SLRR develops into quite a maze of tracks in this sim.


The Rubi Diagonal almost passes through the exact center of the Hooktip railroad depot, with Baker here standing at 167 167 034.


Then continuing to follow The Diagonal north and east, we return to the complex sim of Lanestris dominated by the huge Virtual Chelsea Hotel. Let’s return to Lanestrum from the west, actually, where below we find Baker standing directly beneath a Chelsea Hotel sign at 211 212 081.


The first art Baker encounters on The Diagonal, continuing to trace its path to the east through Lanestris, is this tubed shell design by serra Qendra, on display at one of the many gallery rental units located in the Virtual Chelsea Hotel community.


The Diagonal then passes through this digital painting by bonafidenutts Aries in an adjacent gallery space (Lanestris 149 149 104).


The Diagonal disappears into this corner of the same gallery, between works called “Fire smoke and a thought” and “A long dark whisper”.



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