Sharieland Once More 05

(continued from Sharieland Once More 04)

… I soon learned that it perhaps indicated an even more interesting rock, lodged in-between two larger rocks, perhaps by accident, perhaps by man, perhaps by something not an accident but also not by man. Aliens I’m speaking of here (once more). Let’s take a closer look.


A rock just below, and just beside the red “pointer” rock discussed in the last post of this series, seemed to provide a natural, flat platform area on which to scrutinize the stone in question more closely.


I noticed a small but quite clear white “face”, which seems to be a spider web… maybe. Nothing else like that atall on the rest of the rock front…


… or back. Hucka D. has since indicated that this face has something to do with a lake named Mysten on an island off the southern coast of Sweden, a pool of water with 3 strategically placed islands which also act as a face, and of a similar proportion. The white face on this rock seems to be smiling, almost as if welcoming me (to its rock). The term Mysten has also been connected to the beach-y area near Heart Lake where a culminating toy happening took place last month.


Aforementioned red “pointing” rock with an oppositely colored, cyan rock nearby. This blue-ish rock lies almost directly underneath “Mysten” Rock. No… Hucka D. says the rock is not Mysten, but sort of Mysten backwards. Is it Earth? I ask him. No, he replies. He says we should get back to generating text for this blog post, and talk to each other later. He’s usually right about things more often than not, so we’ll press forward and leave the mystery of Mysten Stone behind for now.


I placed the rock back where I found it as exactly as possible. Several days later I reexamined the rock, and I’ll talk about that in a blog post coming up.


Just uphill from this Mysten mystery rock we have another interesting stone, which takes the appearance of a fish or perhaps dolphin. It even seems to have a little, beady eye in the right spot for the illusion.



Platform Rock, once more, where I sat Mysten Rock down for examination and found its little smiley face formation. The orange rock directly to the left of Platform Rock here also helped lead my eye toward Mysten Rock initially. Just after seeing the orange rock, I spied the redder rock, or Pointer Rock. And then Mysten Rock itself. It all unfolded very quickly, as many mystical events do.


There are other interesting rocks in the area for sure, but the focus was on Mysten Rock. I’m tempted to call the area Kermit, seemingly linked to Kermit, Kentucky surrounded by Lovely, Beauty, and Warfield. Paul Warfield is a famous Miami Dophin, and a Warfield, Virginia just happens to be near one of the few US Dolphin population places. The smiling face reminds me of Kermit the Frog, but the (puppet-like) *mouth* of Dolphin Rock seems to be the other half of the association — the smiley face, by itself, just doesn’t seem to complete the analogy and make it Kermit. So my reasoning is that the whole cluster of rocks here must be Kermit. More on that soon as I have a chance to ponder more upon it, hand on chin.*





Omphalos Rock again.


(continued in Sharieland Once More 06)


*Kermit the Frog


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