Sharieland Once More 11

(continued from Sharieland Once More 10)

Red car’s about halfway to the end. Notice the blue speck of glass glinting in the foreground. Not placed there by me.


Woody looks on. He’s also keeping one eye on the thick and dark rhododendron behind him for possible wild things approaching. Turns out he had good reasons for fear!


Red car passing a knotweed plant.


Bigger Philo rocks off the high side of its highway. Ellie the Elephant may have handled some of these.


Still chugg’n along.


The 2 present Philo cow patties again.


Reddie’s reached the end! The fantastic news is passed down the line from the Cat equipment on. Pink Piggie gives out a series of loud victory snorts.


Two more cars of similar size follow the red one all the way down the highway to the end. Then the larger gray vehicle below tests it out. No problem for him (or her) atall, with its much bigger and higher wheels.



Satisfied that the highway can serve its function, Woody explores a bit of the central park-like region of Philo, finding a giant hole (to him) just beyond. What is it?



On this same day, I returned to Philo for one last visit after taking the above photos and exploring more in the surrounding hills. I found a cow peacefully grazing about 20 yards from the beachy area. Hucka D. later indicated that this is the one and only Hater the Cow, who hates laziness, even though it itself a particularly lazy variety of its species. Psychological projection we’re talking about here. In Philo I began to gather up my toys for departure. All were exactly in the same condition I left them except for one: Lazy Sideburn Man, who was completely demolished, limbs and pieces of torso found in a tight circle beside his still intact folding chair. I was so shocked by the spectacle that I forgot to get my camera out for a picture to record for this blog. It was obvious to me that the cow must have singled this one toy out from all the rest to wreck havoc on. But it didn’t make sense (and still doesn’t): Wouldn’t a hulking cow knock over at least one or two of the many other toys standing on this beach? I must reinforce that Lazy Sideburn Man was *destroyed*, while none of the other toys were even touched. This event must be included, in my opinion, with the other woods mysteries I’ve encountered down through the years now. I’ll try to remember to take at least a photo of the pieces I found of the toy on the beach.

So ends our “Sharieland Once More” series of posts. I hope you enjoyed them. I certainly had fun taking all the pictures and playing with the toys.


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