Rubi Village or Camp Rubi (aka “The Rainbow” village)


The refined version of The Diagonal, also looping back on itself in matching rainbow colours.


“Actually that’s not quite the correct colors, Hucka D. Let me show you something else.”


Hucka D.:



The colors of the 2 highest and also matching sims is purple. This would be Horisme and Hooktip at 115 and 135[ triple numbers]. The colors of the lowest sim, with no match, would be blue: Dierli — with a triple point at 5 meters for me as Baker Bloch. 4 meters for you, Hucka D.

Hucka D. (scrutinizing):

I think I get it. The sims, in this set up, would go around in a loop or circle, like The Rainbow village. Let me show *you* something.


“Sorry to do that to you, but this is, after all, the Dark Side of The Rainbow.”

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