“Say what?”


He didn’t think he had any choice, and he didn’t. Not really. He had to enter the east side of town.


The cat reappears atop the revamped City Hall.


“No,” Edwardston thinks, “it didn’t fly away… unfortunately. What *was* this irrational fear of cats appearing/manifesting in him? First the appearance of that backwards figure between the palm leaves, seeming to enter the Confluence Place, and then the manifestation of the Catman inside the very same palm (trunk this time), facing toward his house instead. Two in one, he realizes. Dwarf and Giant, he then thinks as well, although he’s not sure where that analogy popped in from. Barrel House. He *must* get into the Confluence Place [although he doesn’t call it that].

He decides he has to enter the east side of town from the front door, as it were, and not go in sideways. That might even be dangerous at this point.

Carrcassonne watches as he heads back around what he’s calling Barrel House toward his residence, intending to circle around it to the start of the yellow bricked road…


… only to keep going straight into the Church of The Diagonal [ again this is not what Edwardston calls the structure] and all the way through it to the 7th spire of the Castle of the 7th Spire [again… Edwardston doesn’t know its true title, or what Baker Bloch has selected for its name].






Here is his answer.




So what next?

Hucka D.:

He has a realization about The Diagonal. He puts two and two together… actually he remembers the diagonal from Baker Bloch’s collage, the one with the four five Baker Blochs in one.


What *happens* there?

Hucka D.:

Two places become one place. He is there, on the lower edge of the Rubi Woods in that 7th spire of the Church of the 7th Spire…

bb (completing Hucka D.’s thought):

… and he’s also in Virtual Chelsea Hotel village at the 97/97/97 spot there. The two Triple Points are one Triple Point. How’s that?

Hucka D.:

I’m still not sure what happens.


He can’t choose east. He can’t choose west. He must choose above… *beyond*. Above… higher.

Hucka D.:

The Cat attacks and possesses him. He becomes All Eyes.


He knows what replaced the cat even though he hasn’t even entered the east side of town.

Hucka D.:

He’ll see, in a flash, the polarization of the Norris religion[ of the east] with the TILE game[ of the west]. He’ll be above.


He’ll hear the whispers within The Table House. Without The Residents, The Table House would not be as it is … might not even exist.

Hucka D.:

They guard it. They look over it. Send Baker Bloch back to end.



Who *are* these guys??

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