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This is the first frame of Chapter 4.

A yellow rubber duck is seen clearly behind the shower curtain Danny stands in front of at the sink. The curtain is drawn slightly away from the side wall at the bottom to emphasize the object, seemingly. Note also that Dopey the Dwarf is the last sticker character seen on the door as we track into the bathroom during the shot. This will become important in a moment.


We move to Chapter 5 now and Shot 61 again covered in “strange? 01, 02 and 03”, with screen captures of additional oddities or curiosities. The first is a spark illuminating the spot where the duck *was* in Chapter 4, the last time we saw this bathroom. The shower curtain hangs slightly *toward* the side wall at its bottom this time in contrast to before. We might presume the duck is obscured then, if it wasn’t clearly present in the *window* of Danny’s room. Did Danny move the duck? Or is this more magical Shining displacement, with no possible, terrestrial explanation?

Another reason this shower glint might be important is that it occurs in the first few frames of the shot, near its very beginning (12:10).


At 12:25, we have an oval patch appearing just to the left of the bear pillow on the bed. Notice that shapes seem to be formed in the pillow, perhaps most prominently what looks like a 4 toed foot across the top side, to the left of the 2 ears in the below capture. I’m recalling that Halloran would have his feet symmetrically propped up on pillows later on in the movie, when he’s watching TV in Florida and just before a shining moment where he appears to be in psychic contact with Danny.


Two more black dots form at 12:26 and 12:27 between Wendy and the bathroom, at about the same height above the top of the picture with the 3 animals. During this time, the doctor is approaching Danny to begin asking questions about the fainting incident he experienced earlier that day.



Then in what appears to be the last frame of shot 61, we have the *duck* highlighted by a small, dark discoloration. Recall that the place the duck *had* been, in the shower, is spotlighted at the very beginning of the same shot with a white sparkle thingie. Quite a bit of framing symmetry here, then, and another Alpha-Omega relationship. Planned? Dunno.


But there’s more (!) In the very next frame past shot 61, the first of 62, we have a mysterious white streak appearing above Danny’s head and the bear pillow, reminding us of the earlier white streak coming above the doctor’s head in shot 61. The white light only appears in this one frame, and doesn’t reappear in any other shot of Danny on the bear pillow in this movie chapter as far as I can tell.


In shot 63, we’re back looking at the dr. and Wendy. A brown spot occurs above the doctor’s head at 12:49…


… a redder spot near the center of Danny’s window at 12:53…


… and then, in shot 65, *another* vertical white streak above the psychiatrist at 13:07. Quite remarkable. It comes precisely as she’s saying the word “just” of the sentence, “Now Danny, can you remember what you were doing, *just* before you were brushing your teeth?” “Just” is the highest pitched word of her question.


When Wendy closes her eyes at 13:25, we again get the impression that her right eye is somehow larger than the left one, a popeye effect if I may be allowed again.


Wendy sneaks a quick glance at her doppleganger doll Goofy before leaving the room. I would assume Kubrick instructed her to do so. Something odd about her arms movements throughout these shots as well.


As other Shining researchers have pointed out, Dopey is gone from the door now as Wendy shuts it to end Chapter 5 of the movie. Compare with the first photo of this blog post. This disappearing act is mentioned in the “Room 237” documentary as well.


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