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So here’s C-10 in tile order, Hucka. Are you up for this. I’m kinda cold myself.

Hucka D.:

Think warmth. I’ll help.


“The Shining: Forwards and Backwards” experiment by John Fell Ryan has rainbow man Hallorann in the exact center. His powers extend fowards (blue) and backwards (red) in time. According to Icke forum poster Mata, Hallorann is seen being murdered in the 1921 black and white photo at the end of the film. It’s like Meredith Hunter at Altamont.


“That’s where he becomes totally dark, totally black (man). Just like at the beginning. Story Room knows.”


Oh, so you’re ready to speak of Story Room, then.

Hucka D.:

I’m not in this post.


We open with Tom’s Petty High playing their hit single “Runaway Beach”. No it’s Tom Petty’s “Running Down a Dream.” The cue is very very simple. Let the first guitar lick of the song fall right on the first frame of the film, where we see Wild Goose Island mirrored in St. Mary Lake. And I’ve already mentioned the cue for Petty’s second and last contribution to C-10: it’s the silvery glint from the mouth of none other than our rainbow man Halloran again, just beyond the center of the film and where he’s still laying in the same bed and starting to psychically communicate with Danny up in Colorado, apparently. This is “Don’t Come Around Here No More”, a *tile* which Hucka D. says he likes better than Petty’s own video for the song. So that’s the two Tom Petty songs. And with this inclusion Petty and his band also earn the distinction of a variant name: Tom’s Petty High. “Running Down a Dream” could be seen as a drug song — references to “flying”, for example. “DCAHNM” is also about drugs, most likely, a stronger message. In the tile this overlaps the Room 237 sequence of the film, if not its chronological center then certainly its psychological one. And it’s also not the center of C-10, Hucka D. Oh, I forgot[ he’s not here]. So Jack County, Texas highlights Jack’s VW, and the association with Petty’s “RDaD” through the Runaway reference. We’ve covered that. Petty-High somewhat east in the same state references the drug aspect. Remember White Rock-Petty/Petteway? Of course you do. Along with the only other US Petty, also in Texas and in vacuous Lynn County, near New Home, near Dune, near the county’s oldest community of Grassland founded by Enos and Thomas Seeds.


Jack drives a yellow VW Beetle up the Going-to-the-Sun Road started in 1921 to the Overlook Hotel. There both he and his son play with a yellow ball, which mysteriously seems to roll from the direction of Room 237 down the hall while Danny is playing with his trucks and cars on the hotel’s 2nd floor carpet. This mirrors Jack’s approach to the hotel and its parking lot of same in the opening sequence (accompanied by Petty’s song now). Danny thinks his mother might have playfully rolled the ball, but she seems to be in the boiler room downstairs. Jack is at his typewriter dreaming. Danny enters Room 237. He wears an Apollo sweater, which many have connected to the Apollo space program, and perhaps even faked lunar landing footage. Some just assoc. this with Apollo as a sun god, resonant with the yellow “solar” orb rolled in his direction. Sun=son. Yellow ball “caught” by a carpet [hexagon] design with south opening is also part of the Colorado flag design. This flag, almost always paired with Old Glory, is seen many times in various places around the hotel during the film. Early, Jack plays with this same yellow ball, taking his frustration out over not being able to write by hurling it against the Indian murals present in the Colorado Lounge. Some have connected Room 237 with the approx. 237000000 miles between the Earth and the Moon, and Danny rising from the floor as the launching of the Apollo mission rocket. Room 237 he then enters holds the key to the mysteries of the fake moon shootings. Mata has connected this with possible intrusions of reptilian aliens commonly known as Greys, who told the Apollo landing crew to don’t come around here no more unless receiving clearance.

And what of Hucka D.’s Lemon World from the BB Blog? Too bad he’s not here to speak further on that and other subjects.

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