Barry > Shin(i)n(g) 02

Reading this now (for obvious reasons to those who’ve been keeping up with my new obsession)…

Unfortunately it looks like the chapter is not complete yet.

I recently viewed Barry Lyndon, and noticed that Lyndon’s natural child Bryan, who could double as the Danny of that film (the direct predecessor of The Shining in Kubrick’s filmography), drops a blackboard off his desk just before being abused by his older step brother Lord Bullingdon. A blackboard very similar in size to the one the tiger peers from behind in the psychiatrist scene.

goofy, tiger and head in bowl

Perhaps ironically, Bullingdon also looks like Danny in his younger years. Lord Bullingdon is in turn abused by Barry Lyndon, after he catches him red handed in the act of beating Bryan. In Ager’s 16th chapter of his Shining analysis, he mentions that Leon Vitali, who played the adult Bullingdon in Barry Lyndon, became a career-long collaborator with Stanley, and worked closely with Danny Lloyd on the set of The Shining. Ager appears to push for an intimate connection between, in effect, successive, abusive fathers Barry Lyndon and Jack Torrance, and also a ritual cycle of abuse.

I didn’t realize the resemblance between Danny and the Room 237 hag Jack sees in the mirror. Notice the very similar hair and, perhaps, even body build here. When we subsequently see the hag’s front, we realize she (he?) has no genitalia. This is neither man nor woman but alien, perhaps a dream being. Or *a child*.

237 mirror

wendy hug danny

Through these visual aids, Ager presents a strong case that Danny was both choked and sexually abused by Jack in the bedroom scene, complete with its own mirror.


But wait, Jack was downstairs typing when the choking took place, wasn’t he? Heck, we’re back in the maze again.

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