I’m not sure…

… it ever ends, this research on The Shining. Deeper and deeper it goes, a true rabbit hole indeed! Story Room agrees.

Lots and lots here on the psychiatrist scene, discussed on the F&HE! blog in posts “strange? 01”, “strange? 02”, and “strange 04”, as well as “Strange Duck.”


Just, “what the f?” is all I can think of for now.


I am reminded of MUnck again.

But to give the person behind Crypto-Kubricology all the credit in the world — and setting aside the subliminal bears for now — his graphics are simply amazing, his research mindbogglingly detailed, and his writing lucid.

The doctor’s bag moving around the bed is very interesting as well, and something I didn’t spot at all. I also find the overall symmetry of the shots here worth pondering, with the close-up of Wendy, as Crypto-K points out, at or near the very center of the scene. On the other side, this page mentions nothing about the flashes I review in the “strang?” post series, nor the fact that the blackboard changes positions when we get to the closeups of the psychiatrist beginning in shot 67, at the same time the topic of Tony is first broached. Up to this point, we seem to be talking about two very different animals (sorry).


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