The Shining: Other Considerations 01

At 1:51:50 in, we have another partially hidden tiger behind Wendy, just as we did in the earlier Bear Pillow Scene where the psychiatrist talks to Danny about Tony. In the present scene, Wendy has just locked Jack in the “Story Room” (Hallorann’s clear words he calls the storage room, and what the great majority of viewers just pass right over), after their battle on the stairs, where Wendy konks him with a baseball bat. The obviously possessed Jack is attempting to persuade Wendy to let him out, saying he’s badly hurt, etc.


Jack breaks through the REDRUM bathroom door. I wonder what is reflected in his axe — hafta check this when I get a blu-ray player. At any rate, it certainly doesn’t look like the interior of the bathroom. Maybe this *is* just a type of continuity error? Kubrick couldn’t have planned *everything* in this film. But I kind of doubt it, given the focus Kubrick puts on this particular door, and the extreme camera angle here. He probably wants us to see something (again!).


This is more obviously planned: Jack’s limping stagger through the kitchen when he’s searching for Danny (after pulling off the attack of Wendy when they hear Hallorann pull up in the sno-cat) is obviously suppose to line up with the chOking poster above his head here. He wears it as he would wear a crown.


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