Kubrick was a collage artist.

I’m convinced of this now. Except he collaged together different elements of his films, including segues between shots. Else you can’t explain why Jack’s light colored t-shirt aligns so perfectly with the white edges of the typewriter here in the crossfade between shots 171 and 172. The t-shirt advertises Stovington High (a name taken directly from the Steven King source book) and their mascot, the eagle. The typewriter we crossfade to here is an Adler, which means “eagle” in German. There’s also a more stylized eagle emblem on the typewriter above the brand name. Jack’s t-shirt, in the fade, begins to say A D L E R instead of STOVINGTON as his arm moves in front of the latter. There’s no doubt about it: Kubrick wanted the Stovington Eagles and the Adler typewriter and its eagle emblem to be *directly* connected. Second eagle replaces the first.


While I have shot 172 loaded in my DVD player, I’ll show you something else about it that others have spotted. Instead of working on his story in the shot, Jack is throwing that yellow ball against the Indian mural above the hearth. At one point, he assumes the position of the an upside down version of the Tarot’s Hanged Man, the 12th card of the pack’s Major Arcana.


And there’s the monkey shaped driftwood again beside him.



This event is also actually synched in Carrcass-10, where the REMs (or *Murmur* now) sing, “Your feet are going to be on the ground,” a verse from their “Stand” single. Jack’s feet, however, very briefly leave the ground while he assumes the reversed hangman position.

Interestingly, the Hanged Man card appears in Steven King’s Dark Tower series, begun several years after the release of The Shining. The Hanged Man wikipedia article specifically earmarks the Gunslinger novel, the first of the long series, where it symbolizes the main character Roland and his quest.

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