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In the sequel novel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep reveals Jack is also the biological father of a woman named Lucy, whose daughter Abra also has the shining meets with Danny years later. Danny realizes Jack concieved a baby at a party (shortly before he was fired from his teaching position) unbeknownst to Wendy.

The miniseries ends with a scene not in the book: Danny graduates from high school, while his spectral father looks on. It is revealed that Danny’s imaginary friend “Tony” is, in fact, Danny from the future communicating with his past self, a point briefly touched upon in the book but omitted from the Kubrick film.

Mountain air.

“Our people in Denver recommended Jack very highly, and, for once, I agree with them.”


Preliminary notes:

I’m going to leave the Hidalgo County/Charles Nelson Blinkerton material alone for now. Torrance County is interesting. I believe Mountainair refers to Wendy’s yawn in The Shining, at the beginning of the Closing Day section. She is adjusting to the mountain air. A sickly brown rose or perhaps carnation is penned to her lapel. The influence of the previous Kubrick flick Barry Lyndon and its commoner Redmond Barry may still linger. “Torrance” is obvious. Lucy is a child, according to King mythos, conceived by a mistress before Jack left Vermont and his schoolteacher position and moved to Boulder (I love Lucy may factor in). Lucy’s daughter Abra has the shining like Danny. Tony (just e. in Guadalupe County) is a future Danny communicating with present Danny, according to recently published Dr. Sleep once more. We’ve just been introduced to Tony in Boulder in the movie. Broncho refers to Denver via NFL team Denver Broncos. Jack has been recommended for the winter caretaker position by the hotel’s “people in Denver” (who Ullman openly states are quite unreliable in their suggestions!). Chilili reinforces Denver (Indiana/Illinois). This will be used.


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