Red Rock

Red rock wasn’t on the ice when I passed it the first time. Upon returning about 15 minutes later, it was there, prominently displayed. I don’t believe there’s any way I could have missed it.



The approx. 4 foot long ice flow that I broke off with a stick at the time *wasn’t* present, even though there appeared nowhere for it to go in the meantime. The piece broke off only several feet down from the red rock.


The wife and I got a laugh out of this when I told her about this aspect of the mystery, because it instantly reminded us of the Might Boosh jingle “Ice Flow, Nowhere to Go”, which we sing on occasion to cheer ourselves up during very cold weather. Do the Bill Mtn. aliens have a heightened sense of humor as well?

Nearby frozen P Creek. Frozen peas — hmm. Almost identical in angle to the last photo from this earlier F&HE! blog post from almost a year ago.


Neighboring red barn. Red again…

In the very next blog post…

… Hucka D. psychically seems to hint at the manifestation of this future red rock. If so, it could also be connected to the future development of Epsi with its matching black and white rocks.

Hucka D.:

There’s two things to look for…


Land and water?

Hucka D.:

The black rocks, the white rocks. Black and white. (pause) Red.


The Bill displaced Herbert, Alabama from Conecuh County to Butler County to be near Saucer and Forest Home. A particular geometric arrangement was even established, Fake Herbert, as we’ve been calling it, the same distance from Forest Home as Saucer. Herbert stands for Frank, as in *Frank* Park, home of Bill Mountain. We are now calling the aliens The Bill. Again: Fake Herbert, Alabama was set up by The Bill. They were indicating that Bill Mtn. is their *forest home*.

That Herbert was moved from near Paul to near Forest Home means that an attachment to author Frank Herbert and his Dune starring seer Paul Atreides has been removed, or perhaps *carried over*. This is now a Frank Park/The Bill issue. End and beginning of two, separate Cardinal Roads is also thrown in the mix. Together they stand for the beginning and end of the *middle* third of Baker’s Creek, Mississippi. They are at the 1/3 and 2/3 point of the creek from mouth (Port Gibson) to source. They emphasize *Cardinal Gibson* (Bob).

Red Rock is a summary point of Black Rocks and White Rocks, US of A. What’s black and white and red all over?

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