King of the (Asha) Hill

I now own land on the Corisca continent — a bit over 1/4th the size of Rubi’s VWX Town and obviously considerably cheaper tier involved. I believe it’s a beautiful spot, and at the time of the purchase, it was the second least expensive mainland parcel over 2000 square meters. Seemed like fate (once more). I call it Asha Hill because it’s in the Asha sim — where I’ve owned once before — and also contains the highest hill of several in the sim, which includes already fabled Greentop discussed in a number of Baker Blinker Blog posts. You can see Greentop in the below photo, center background behind the white Victorian House Greenup. This house/gallery actually had already been established on the edge of my new property about 2 months ago, another reason to assume ownership of adjacent land. A related post on this House Greenup is here.




No town will exist here, although it may have in the past — will think about that more. Instead the hill will be a type of nature reserve, with buildings lining the edge of the property. Presently these buildings are House Greenup. House of Truth, and Home o’ Fibs, all houses of Victorian design, plus the Arcadia Asylum designed Econo Slum Tower that Baker Bloch sits on the top floor of in the pictures above. Amazing view of the surrounding landscape here.


Siberia near Ash Hill, ME
Siberia near Ash Hill, CA

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