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Second Lyfe: What I Now Have…

Gave up my 4600+ parcel in Asha hill country and reverted my premium membership back to the free basic. Never really hung out there as it turned out, despite the scenery. I own no mainland now. I still rent in Philudoria (2048) and Asha (1024). Philudoria is where I have my *still* evolving Falmouth Castle or Falmouth Gallery. The Asha 1024 will just be a place to experiment with building if I choose — presently. Collages are still being “hung” in Falmouth Gallery as they are created. Great fun! And it also helps me organize the process. Each floor of the Falmouth Gallery now kind of takes the place of the old Art 10×10 tier structure, still somewhat present in the Gilatona-Lis series from last year (first real batch of collages beyond the 2004-2009 10×10). With Falmouth things are more free form, and I’m producing more collages than ever before. I am more of a collagist than ever before.

Asha hill country after the sale. Hills mostly flattened with the except of my lone one now on the 1024 I still rent there. Oh, and House Greenup is still in the region (house to left in below snapshot).


Philudoria’s Falmouth Gallery; only 176 prims left on the 2048 parcel after the build, which is still being added to:


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