Whitehead Crossing Again 02


Just above the spray can top, these rocks were spied. They appeared one on top of the other like this, and seemed matched. Turned out they were split parts of one rock in all likelihood. Because the two parts are almost identical, this adds to the twin motif of the week for sure. I’m also now identifying these matched stones with plates, perhaps connected to Joseph Smith’s Golden Plates uncovered in Mancester, New York or, especially, disciple James Strang’s similar discovery of the Voree Plates in Burlington, Wisconsin. More on this rather bizarre twist in The Crossing tale soon.






Nearby fungi on a log.


The Straightaway’s gateway hemlocks as seen from Matland’s Crocodile Rock. We are now at day 2 of my hiking week, or Wednesday. Another totally clear day to enjoy.


Smaller rock on top of Crocodile Rock. Or is this Crocodile Rock instead? Where’s Eagle Rock, then? All this from the story behind Elton John’s first number one hit “Crocodile Rock”, and its psychic connections with Coahoma County, Mississippi. The picture is becoming clearer, but still much to be resolved.


Old plastic pail nearby. As I think I’ve stated in a previous post, there are several such pails in Matland.


Or is *this* Eagle Rock, the 3rd rock in a matching Matland set also containing Crocodile and Welcome Mat.




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