Strang Gang?

In 1850 Strang proclaimed himself king, but not of the island itself. Rather, he claimed to be king over his church, which at that time contained most of the island’s inhabitants. He was crowned on July 8 of that year inside a large log “tabernacle” built by his followers, in an elaborate ceremony that featured a crown (described by one witness as “a shiny metal ring with a cluster of glass stars in the front”),[17] a red royal robe, a shield, breastplate, and wooden scepter. The Strangite tabernacle and Strang’s modest house are both long gone, as are the Strangite royal regalia, but a print shop built by his disciples remains—the only Strangite building left on Beaver. Today, it houses a museum dedicated to the island’s history.

Original post re the Strange Gang, soon to become the (correctly named) Strang Gang:

Then in the spring, they are admitted into 4 Sticks and not repelled as before. Lazy Sideburns Man is crowned King.

Coincidence? Then what about the Manchester statue in a recent Whitehead X-ing based collage? Is this a parallel with the Angel Moroni statue of Manchester, NY?


Strange (sorry):

Keith Thompson, of Manchester, England, alleges that the text on the plates matches Strang’s published translation. Although he did not identify the values of specific characters, Thompson claimed to have shown how words such as “and”, “in”, and “are” appear in multiple places.

What have I dug up?


Hucka D.:

The fairies of the land were Wilcoxin. Wilcocksin. Each and every one drank coffee, and at least the equivalent of 5 shots of expresso. The plates were found on the hill; the temple and the plates above them (on this hill) come as a set. This is the influence of Voree, and Strang as the correctly crowned successor to Smith. But in your story Strang is the twin brother of the parallel to Smith, who was killed or crushed by Hater the Cow in Erath over in Herman Park’s Sharieland. Now you know of at least another rocket which took the Strang Gang from Sharieland and Erath to Whitehead Crossing. Is this the same as Rock’s rocket? Now you have (at least) two. The Strang Gang is now at the center of 4 Sticks, and a King has been crowned before you knew of this real world Strang. Already you knew of the Mormon influence( in Whitehead X-ing). Now this is deepened.


Thank you, Hucka D. We’ll talk more on this later.

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