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Charon 01

Of course this will commonly be mispelled Sharon.

Sharon, Georgia (Taliaferro County; grayed circle):


Charon, moon of Pluto:


Conclusion: Sharon is likewise The Moon of Crawfordsville.

Taliaferro County /ˈtɒlɪvər/ is a county located in the U.S. state of Georgia. As of the 2010 census, the population was 1,717,[2] making it the second-least populous county east of the Mississippi River (after Issaquena County, Mississippi). The county seat is Crawfordville.

I wonder if Hucka D. has anything to say about this? (pause) Apparently not. This is my space. Space.


Oh, and there happens to be a second Sharon in Georgia, in *Telfair* County, which looks a lot like Taliferro in spelling and contains all the same letters minus the “o” (no other relationship I can spot, however). Unlike the first, the Telfair County Sharon is not incorporated. Parts of Telfair lie directly south of Taliferro.*


Now the immediate reason I name this place Sharon, or the area Sharon (centered by New Monkey City) is because of the presence of not one but multiple ladyslippers. Ladyslipper (town) was the capital of Mythos’ Sharon.

Charon may have been an ancient ampitheatre because of its shape. That’s perhaps at least part of the mythology of the place now.

A stone was at its center. Perhaps these are the rounded stones from Mythopolis, that traveled on the last bit of maple from Monkey City. Mom asked me for rounded stones at the end of the day today — my last “task” — and I looked around the old Monkey City area among other places for them. Very tired and also cranky by that time. Something to remember her by.

Tronesis’ Colony of Slippermen could relate to Ladyslipper concept. Colony of Slippermen could also = Sharon.

When New Monkey City was established my guess is that the inhabitants named it Sharon for the Mythos province — perhaps Sharon had just been renamed Chrysoberyl and incorporated into Wazob, and the New Monkey Cy. people identified their own independence with that of Sharon before this reluctant incorporation.



Charon was originally known by the temporary designation S/1978 P 1, according to the then recently instituted convention. On June 24, 1978, Christy first suggested the name Charon as a scientific-sounding version of his wife Charlene’s nickname, “Char.”[19]
Charon discovery image with description

Although colleagues at the Naval Observatory proposed Persephone, Christy stuck with Charon after discovering it coincidentally refers to a Greek mythological figure:[19] Charon is the ferryman of the dead, closely associated in myth with the god Hades, whom the Romans identified with their god Pluto. Official adoption of the name by the IAU waited until late 1985 and was announced on January 3, 1986.[20]

There is minor debate over the preferred pronunciation of the name. The practice of following the classical pronunciation established for the mythological ferryman Charon is used by major English-language dictionaries such as the Merriam-Webster and Oxford English Dictionary.[21][22] These indicate only one pronunciation of “Charon” when referring specifically to Pluto’s moon: with an initial “k” sound. Speakers of many languages other than English, and many English-speaking astronomers as well, follow this pronunciation.[23]

However, Christy himself pronounced the ch in the moon’s name as sh (IPA [ʃ]), after his wife Charlene. Because of this, as an acknowledgement of Christy and sometimes as an in-joke or shibboleth, the initial sh pronunciation is common among astronomers when speaking English,[24][23][25][26] and this is the prescribed pronunciation at NASA and of the New Horizons Pluto mission team.[27][28]


Sharon understood itself as having a 1:8 relationship with neighboring Whitehead X-ing. Separate but making one system, just like Charon and Pluto, another 1:8 volume relationship.

Sharon’s inhabitants originally landed in the equivalent of the Temple of TILE or cubic version of Edwardston Sta. Gallery. 30×30 meters, then. This original ship hovered over the central ground town for some years. I believe it may have even contained the entire “Art 10×10”, since Robinson is on the edge of Taliferro County with county seat Crawfordsville.

Crawford County, Illinois

This may also have been the original Chromacube, which is 12×12 instead of 10×10 if so. However, there are 6 floors to the Edwardston Sta. Gallery, or half of 12.

It was very important for the people of Sharon to remain independent from WH X-ing. They saw this as Sharon remaining ind. of Wazob — directly. It makes sense that the people of Sharon are directly *from* Mythos’ Sharon, launching their rocket just before their home country’s merger with Wazob. Sharon, Blue Mtn. represents the bit of Sharon, Mythopolis that is unique and independent from Wazob. Did Wazob also outlaw toy avatars at this time?

Shade is shaded.


(cont.): These people of Sharon who didn’t identify with the unification of Wazob may have gone to Edwardston to secure a rocketship that could fly them to Blue Mtn. and Frank Park. Did the rocketship basically have only one possible destination? Was Edwardston the only place or one of the very few places in Wazob where rocketships were located and could be launched from? Or did they take their own chromacube(s)?

Sharron or Sharon was the last star forward of the Emerald Elephants college basketball team, last of a quite long list of star players there which also included Moss, Meade, and Greenburg. Costello and Whitehead were stars over at neighboring STI.

More ideas: these people took a “piece” of Carrcassonne in order to rejuvenate her at Blue Mountain and New Sharon. Carrcassonnee = the alien “glop” form of Mythos’ Sharon. She is Sharon. At Blue Mtn., however, she took a different form.

The ladyslippers are now wilting at New Sharon.


* The first 7 letters of Taliferro, in fact, make a direct anagram of Telfair. Peculiar!

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