Collagesity Mysteries 01

About a week and a 1/2 ago, an avatar named Tseten Thokmey bought my Hector land for a sum I deemed just barely adequate for the transaction. I loved that land! Still do. I could live around the Rubi forest once again. But look at what Tseten has done: he’s essentially extended the forest into his farm! A bucolic existence he has carved out. More power to him, and I’ll probably have some things to say about Tseten later on. Just yesterday or the day before, land came up for sale bordering the lower part of his farm. Was I tempted to, once more, buy next to the Great Rubi Forest? Yes, a bit. But I realize that I’m committed to Noru, and the hard fought battle is now over with. Time to heal the wounds and not open them up again. Tseten would have made a fantastic neighbor, and, yes, we could have extended his farm and the forest as a whole even further…


… but, then again, I have a fantastic new neighbor in Noru now! My previous neighbor in Philudoria, Veyot, during the original incarnation of VWX Town there last summer, has decided to commit to a piece of the excitement happening in Collagesity, purchasing a 512 parcel just behind the Power Tower Gallery. Her purchase basically extends the town in a westerly direction, making Collagesity almost run the entire 256 meter east-west extent of Noru. Not quite but fairly close. I’m continually surprised how synchronicities like this work, and I view the neighbor quandry, quickly resolved mind you, as a kind of residue energy of the whole Noru-Rubi “battle”. Instead of Baker Bloch becoming the neighbor of Tseten in Rubi, Veyot becomes Baker Bloch’s neighbor in Noru. Another red-blue exchange, then.

And her parcel is very nature oriented as well. 🙂 A nice East End park for certain. And I’ll have more to say about Veyot later on as well, as things continue to develop in the new town. What up with all those things going on in the Confluence Place??



Baker also recently visited the village he created in Yeot this past spring. Presently, he has no way to further alter the strange, little burg, but he’s just come up with a name: Gong. Or Gongsity. More recently he went there to copy Edward’s Building/Gallery to place in Collagesity.



Gongsity, with namesake Gong’s waters made transparent.


So, returning to Collagesity, there are many mysteries yet to be solved or even revealed, like the fact that the red and blue robots on either side of the Coolie Building (since moved) lie directly north and south of each other, and on Hi Way and Lo Way respectively. I didn’t plan this alignment; I didn’t plan a lot of Collagesity’s alignments that just *happened*.

I just received a text message that Carrcassonnee has suggested we call her home the Cardinal Place instead of the Confluence Place. I’ll add it to the original town meeting’s docket, which should be happening pretty soon.




Along with Carrcasssonnee, we’ve already talked to ballerina Dona in this blog, apparent twin to the very similarly colored flower directly behind her as seen in the camera angle below. And we’ve actually already talked to this “flower” in the blog, as a blog spirit I mean (think: Hucka D., primary blog spirit). I wonder if Dona and/or Flower know Carrcassonnee? I would imagine so.



Looking up Tired Falls toward the heart of the village. The buildings around this falls are among its oldest, originally forming a smaller settlement called Tired Falls itself. This according to several of our blog spirits, including Hucka D., Carrcassonnee, and maybe Dona/Flower. I’ll certainly have more to say about this original settlement soon.


I’ve noticed a resemblance between Collagesity and the fairly similarly sized Lake District village of Stonethwaite, England, the latter being the subject of a good chunk of my most recent and also largest collage series called Falmouth, housed in the Fal Mouth Moon gallery in town. And, yes, I’ll have more to say about that soon as well.


Check this out: my collage reinvented Stonethwaite and Noru’s Collagesity both have blue bikes (!) Are they the *same* bike? Could be. Perhaps the super band Story Room will have some things to say about that. The blue man next to the bike is one of its 3 members that I know of, although a fourth is rumored. But I can hear Hucka D.’s talk echoing in my head, as he says, “there’s always a rumored 4th [about groups of 3].” He’s probably right.


In the largest Falmouth collage, Story Room’s red member balances out the blue one on its opposite side. But since the collage goes ’round in a big circle, the red and blue beings are also actually next to each other. Why is blue upright and red sideways? Why does “Red’s” ruby red feet impossibly project through the corner of a Stonethwaite building? More blue-red mysteries for certain!


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