Spider’s Big Adventure

“Oh no, Spider got loose!” Baker Bloch forgot to make the wall non-phantom upon his return from a drinking binge on Drunk Man’s Ridge.


“Bad Wolf? Bad dog!” he slurs upon attempting to retrieve the mutt.


“Come back here you troumblemayor!” Troublemaker he meant here. A meaningful Freudian slip…


… because Lord Vice Mayor Starbuccaneer Resident happened to be walking past the front of Stairs Gallery at the time, on her way to see friends Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Hippo, and recently resurrected Ellie the Elephant at the Confluence Place. When she was directly beneath Spider perched on the BOB balcony, the dog jumped onto her head, knocking her over.


“I’ve killed her”, the small dog thought. But, no, Starbuccaneer Resident would live to tell of the day when she decided to challenge Baker Bloch for the title of Lord *Mayor* of Collagesity. And all because of this *vice*, as she liked to put it, always laughing during the moment. Because, you see, she was soon to be “Vice” herself no more.


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