Spider gets lost (again!)

“Your Majesty, the dog Spider has disappeared into the “Art 10×10″. I’m afraid he’s lost for now.”

Queen Blinker:

Just as I planned, he he. Seriously, show me the involved collages. How many were there? What was the initial work? We need to post people on all floors of the Power Tower, Fal Mouth Moon, and Toxic Art for signs of the poor pooch. But he did volunteer, after all.

Cardboard Derek Jones:

Yes ma’am. I have taken pictures of the progression. He first attempted to make contact with the wise old fox, who turned her back on him. Then he tried the dingo in the next picture down… the previous picture, I mean, in the Art 10×10 progression. Sorry, ma’am.


That’s all right. This was in the Newton series?

CDJ (checking notes):

Yale, ma’am.


Show me the progression you speak of. Reverse progression, I suppose.


Yale ma’am. I mean, yes ma’am.








And by that last collage, he had disappeared into relatively total abstraction. We believe the dingo, being not as wise as the fox, let’s say, led him into danger. He disappeared inside the water.


Interesting. What is that body of water? We might have to go to the Real World and retrieve him there. Is that the River Key?

CDJ (checking notes again):

Give me just a minute ma’am. (pause) I do not have notes of the location.


Then we must contact baker b. in the real world and ask him. He’s the one who made the collage, after all.


Yes ma’am. (then, reconsidering): What ma’am?


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