Found again.

Of all people, it was Starbuccaneer Barista that found Spider. Ridiculously clever, she had lured him out of a Whitehead Crossing related collage in the Fal Mouth Moon with a bowl of dog food.


“Uhmmmm, yes: eat it up my precious Spider dog,” the resurrected Star said slyly. For she knew that a position of power would soon be in store for her because of this. She must speak to Baker Blinker asap; tell her of what she saw in the corridor. Share notes.



“So that’s where I come from,” said Queen Alma I from the future, peering in again. “A merger of Starbuccaneer Barista and Baker Blinker.”

“And Carrcassonnee,” Hucka Doobie added. “She was strong at the time, having just absorbed the 11th. Tasted like chicken again to her.” He smiled slyly slightly.

“But little Spider would go back into the collages to be lost again. And again. And yet again and again.”

“And again!” Hucka Doobie added again. “You see, he was mistakenly rewarded for entering the collages. Dog food, sticks, squeeze dolls. All these lured him out but also kept him going back, knowing the endpoint.”

“How did it end?” the Queen asked. “Is he still in the collages even now?”

“Yes,” came Hucka Doobie’s answer. “He eventually became All Collages.”

Cardboard Derek Jones suddenly slid his way into the room through the seams of the closed door. “My Majesty. And… um, sire. The dog has reappeared again!”

“What synchronicity!” Hucka Doobie exclaimed.

“Too much so I would say,” says a more cautious Queen Alma I, reading out of a red book that had appeared in her hands. “I’m checked the script now. Spider has learned how to traverse time.”

“Then we’re all in big, big trouble,” returned a suddenly worried Hucka. “Big big trouble.”

Cardboard Derek Jones slides quickly toward them, holding forth a picture, which turns out to be an animation as the Queen and Hucka jointly stare in disbelieve. In it, Baker Bloch and Master Shake also jointly stare in disbelieve as a giant dog turns into a horse before their very eyes.




“That’s it,” Hucka Doobie says in finality, seeing Spider being fed/rewarded from “within”. “We’ve got to speak to Story Room about the 11th.”


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