Ashville & Blue Mountain


Big decisions in next 6 years. Whether to remain in Blue Mtn. or move center of operations to Ashville. Above is a picture of a house in the center of the Ashville Arts District, whose future development plays a role in the decision for certain. Not 50 percent or anything like that, just a definite fraction of some kind. So what I might start doing in this blog is give updates on this District… big things are in store for it soon.

We also have a chance to really develop the property we will possibly set up a modular home on. I won’t give a *lot* of details, just some. The parcel we will own will probably be a little under an acre, quite a bit of land then, and double what we have currently. We’re planning on eliminating close neighbors — ones we shared a drive with, ones whose porch is about 15 feet from our porch, and so on. We will have more *breathing space*, yet be convenient to downtown and all the amenities there.

Another area I want to study in Ashville is the Woodrow Wilson College, named after the Princeton man president. Wilson famously appears in the last shots of The Shining. He is holding down the right arm of Jack, who seems to be attempting to reveal the contents of a piece of paper held between his thumb and fingers on that hand. Is it now the mystery of Woodrow Wilson College? What of the more recent UMAPS find called the “boss glyph”? (more on that soon) Woodrow Wilson sometimes called Woody Wilson at the college.

We lived in Ashville for 3 years already. Wife grew up there. We may move back near old homestead. I remember long walks listening to Sibelius at the time. Then Sibelius (and Eno State Park) got me through the subsequent 2 years in Durham.

We got tired of Ashville before after 3 years. We went to Durham, soon to move back to Blue Mtn. Why would this time be different? We would have family in Ashville. Friends. We don’t really have that in Blue Mountain. As stated before, Blue Mountain is really Bluefield. Maybe Brammie the Bramwell dog has answers… if we can find it.

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