Bill Creek

Today checked out some of the Ashville scene I hadn’t visited in a while, in an attempt to reinforce our decision to move there. 1st up was a visit to the town’s botanical garden, which was a great location — hadn’t been there in 2 decades and remembered basically nothing about it. Didn’t take any pics, though. Then I went to the Woodrow Wilson College property and hiked down to Bill Creek on their trails. The wife and I rented a house for 2 years next to Bill Creek about 2 decades back, so I *thought* I was fairly familiar with its passage through college property just north of us at the time. I was wrong. I basically remembered *nothing* about what I saw down in there. It was much more beautiful and complex that I recall. Chalk up another positive for Ashville.

Below is a snapshot of Bill Creek soon after the main trail meets it. I was quickly impressed beyond before; the creek was much longer through here that I remembered, with cascades, pools, cliffs, rocky beaches, lots of stuff…


… including numerous signs of man.


I *do* recall this broken dam. I just didn’t remember it being so cool. And I was startled to look down into the heart of the fallen dam from my perch above to see the 4 colors of TILE reflected back up to me on a chain of triangular flags, suspended, it seemed, from old dam logs.* It was an improbable sight at this place. I *knew* it had to be a sign. I knew this had to be another TILE Falls, in effect.


Further up the stream, 2 fallen tree trunks act as ebony and ivory style complementary bridges.


Another beautiful and unexpected setting.


More signs of man. This was found on a trace of a path off the main path, just before it meets the creek.


Beach just below.


A more interesting, rocky island there.


Back to the dam: you can see the flags a little better in this picture.


Some type of peculiar window at the dam.






With the discovery of these TILE Falls, we might have made a direct link between Blue Mountain hiking mythos and Ashville. Are toy avatars also present in the latter location? Probably.

There appears to be plenty of possibilities for future toy happenings even in this small area of the Ashville neighborhood.


* The flags appeared like this:

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