Ashville 02

Warren’s river cane grove. Because of this, he was also known simply as Cane or Kane in some circles, sometimes Old Kane.
Warren & his owls look out on a stump in Wilson (Wilson Stump). He knows this is where he comes from. He always remembers his origin because it is always within his sight. There is a big drop in front of him, separating carved entity from river. He lies at the end of a 15 (natural) step passage. People marche right by him all the time.

Nearby marshy area (Marche). My new facebook friend JS also took a photo of this same spot several days back from me, along with the river cane grove. I’m not sure she saw Warren there, however. Yet she later knew about him through my new facebook header picture, which is the same as the last photo in the “Frank and Herman, Einstein!” blog post before this one.

Brackish pool of water at the end of the river trail in this direction.

Remains of a dwelling in the woods. We’re still on Woodrow Wilson College property, but on higher ground to the south.

Look what I found within. Didn’t Warren also have a troll doll cradled in his arms? I believe so.


Another brackish pool surrounding by partial fencing, this one just above the chimney with the patriotic trolls within. I wonder if Woodrow Wilson students created both?


More nearby ruins. Ruins in the Woods.


In 2010 it was announced that DreamWorks Animation was making a feature film based on the dolls, set for release in 2016.[1][2] On April 11, 2013, DreamWorks Animation announced that they had purchased the Troll doll brand outright from the Dam company.[3]

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