Owl > Centrahoma

One of few US Owls. And the encompassing Coal County has already made a blog appearance here.

Centrahoma is located in Coal County, north of State Highway 3 and fourteen miles west of Coalgate, the county seat. The town’s history began with the establishment of a post office at Byrd (nine miles northwest of Coalgate), Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, on March 3, 1892. In July 1894 the name was changed from Byrd to Owl. On June 11, 1907, the town was moved to a point several miles northeast of Owl and the name changed to Centrahoma, taken from the phrase central Oklahoma.


OWL, formerly called BYRD. In Coal County, 9 miles northwest of Coalgate. Post office name changed to OWL, July 10, 1894. On June 11, 1907, the post office was moved a few miles northeast and the name was changed to Centrahoma. Took its name from nearby Owl Creek, a branch of Leader Creek, a tributary of the Clear Boggy River.

BYRD, Post office established March 3, 1892, and named for William L. Byrd, governor of the Chickasaw Nation. Name changed to OWL July
10, 1894.

Then there’s this:


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