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Researching 02…

In this post from last December, I contemplate that Rubi and VWX Town may be a final virtual home in Second Life. However, in order to make it so, I’d have to trim down the burg from a 16896 (too much tier to pay) to an 8704 (next tier down, and borderline manageable in terms of payment). It didn’t work out then, but, guess what, I now have an 8704, *and* a virtual city next to the Rubi Forest again. Then is *this* my final resting spot in Second Life? It could be so. Probably not given my track record, but we’ll just have to see.


At the time, I divided VWX Town into Indulgence (8192 sq meters) and Essence (8704), with the idea that Essence would be spared during the tier gear down. But I ended up selling the whole 16896. If I had stayed in Rubi I wouldn’t have gotten a last chance to live in Noru and explore the remaining ties to Jeogeot mythology. So I believe it’s fate. And it’s probably fate I move again, like I said. But…

We’ll see.


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… my most recent, full involvement in Rubi area (VWX Town of last winter) and am at point where I get heavy duty into the Rubi Forest, quickly uncovering a seemingly direct relation between the forest and what’s called the Lucas sequence, which is closely allied to the more famous Fibonacci series.


Article on Lucas. Unusual death to note again, like I’ve chronicled before on this blog in places (Anderson, Harding, et al.).


Besides uncovering the Lucas numbers, Lucas (under the interesting anagram of Claus) is credited with the Tower of Hanoi puzzle. This tower is also called the Lucas Tower or the Sagefool Stacks. It’s used as an intelligence test near the beginning of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011).


The sequel is suppose to be even better, and just released this past summer and available on DVD at the end of December.


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Developing 01


What’s not in new Collagesity (Minoa) that was in old or original Collagesity (Noru):

Noru Museum:
Lots of prims involved, and obviously not as apropos in Minoa as it was in Noru. May set up a Rubi Museum, however, like this same structure housed in, well, Rubi’s VWX Town this past winter. Rubi has a history too, just as substantial, probably, as my involvement with Noru.

Tired Falls:
Not a structure, but a missing element for sure. I hated to give up that waterfall. Can’t find a place on the new property for it. However, the focus on the new property is obviously the Rubi Forest itself. Which reminds me…


… to complement this…


Lucky’s Magic Village (Old Rubi Museum, VWX Town)

Back to the survey…

Toxic Art Gallery:
I’ve chose not to rez this admittedly prim saving gallery holding 80 of the 100 collages of the Art 10×10, still my most important collage work overall, I feel. Perhaps. But Falmouth and Power Tower and now the Sam Parr State College Admin Building hold newer and perhaps more pertinent collages and it seemed time to move on. Actually, this was derezzed in Noru before I decided to move.

X Spot Gallery (top, main part):
This was not filled out in Noru, but represented a really nifty way to bridge the Kidd Tower, Power Tower, and Falmouth galleries in a low skybox. Also will be missed. Could theoretically still hold the Jeogeot Through Art and Word exhibit. But that’s more connected to Noru as well since Noru is part of the Jeogeot continent.

So what’s in new Collagesity, conversely, that wasn’t in the old Noru version?

SoSo Gallery:
Containing the Oblong series of the Art 10×10, perhaps the most important series within it and most cohesive. 20 collages in the series (out of 100 total in the Art 10×10). Nice addition to the town beyond Noru.

Home o’ Fibs:
Another structure that wasn’t in Noru but is in Minoa. Nice view from the porch into the meat of the town.

House of Truth:
Was in Minoa until a couple of days ago. May return.

So 1 more way Camp Ruby pops up in a list of pop places (through variant names):


Mostly familiar counties there: Duplin, Dallas, Patrick.


Conclusion for now:

Minoa Collagesity still needs an identity. Sam Parr State College seems stronger within (they’ve claimed the SoSo Gallery, the Kidd Tower, the Bodega Supermarket, and the lower building of the X Spot Gallery (!)), so that’s a core to build from. Sam Parr St. College, I feel, is a virtual life complement to Woodrow Wilson College in Ashville. Both border protected forests. That’s a link that can be furthered as well, probably starting with Bracket Jupiter and his proposed Spring Semester course on the continent of Corsica. Cool idea. Required reading will be the Baker Blinker Blog’s posts on the subject, collected in one work.

One possibility for a t-shirt selling on campus, then:


Charity-Tin City, NC


Charity-Tin Town, MO


Christmas gathering in Central Square

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