The Macrohole revisited

OK, maybe this: Sapphire was born as Turquoise on Yd Island, but protected by high wall of Macrohole, where VILEness couldn’t be with her. The macrohole was “switched on” somehow, creating a worm hole to Jeogeot, which VILEness fell into. This was again north of Yd Island. 10 > 6 > 3 > 1 (C>Y>V>T). VILEness coated the hole. Made it safe for others to pass through (?) That was the whole point of the experience. A travellable black hole formed on Jeogeot at the same time the Korean Channel was formed. This would be created by the 3 Mos Ainsley related sims almost surrounding the Black Hole. Many people came from Yd Island and the eastern hemisphere as a whole through that hole to Jeogeot, including Sapphire and her parents/aunt-uncle. Nathaneil realized parallel of Meddletown with Meddledown.

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Filed under **VIRTUAL, Jeogeot^^, Nautilus^^, Yd Island

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