“Carr., last night yet another Uncle Meatwad resonance surfaced in Fringe — and the wife and I were thinking about it at the same time (!).”


Yes I heard. Do not do another interview unless Uncle Meatwad is out there for others to view. Your choice. Karl is playing it cautious. Understandable. Either keep it to yourself for now or allow “out there” for others to view as a whole. Don’t just put the pressure on[ delete name].


Yes, I think I’ll tell Karl that tonight. But you see how…


But you see how important it is to get UM out there. It should live. It is the last of the positive carrcasses and also the first of the negative carrcasses. It is both. It is neither. Last… first. I am Olive.


And you still love Peter.




The oval or *olive* shaped theatre might be the only Collagesity building totally enclosed within the new skywalk from an overhead view. And it’s brown, matching the color of the skywalk’s connectors. But the theatre from this view might also be said to just touch it (“kiss” it) to the northeast. The Path of the Red Flower has now been closed off by the back of the theatre. The structure, still unnamed (the Meat Dome?), likewise touches the World of Collages building to the northwest, and also comes within 2 or 3 feet of the Sink Lair, again to the northeast.


Actually as I’m looking inside, I’m reminded that one set of stairs from the former path still lies directly against the north wall of the theatre, with a red flower at the top and another one near its bottom, at the back door…



… and then another one is found right at the front door as well.


Looks like this might be, then, The Theatre of The Red Flower, or probably Red Flower Theatre or just The Red Flower.

The complementary walk to the Red Flower on the south side of Central Stream has likewise been decommissioned through placement of new structures Gallery Jack and Wappo Jack’s Castle there. This would be the former Red Shroom Trail.

Tough but necessary losses both.


3:30AM update:

Been playing around with programs that convert VOB files to MPGs. I’m pretty sure I can create a viewable MPG of Uncle Meatwad to play as a dropbox link, which means it probably will also play on a prim in Second Life. I believe I’m not even going to try to upload the resulting MPG to Vimeo or especially Youtube because of the involved copyright violations. It is a time capsule. But I’ll still allow people to view it through this blog I think — and in Second Life. The Red Flower Theatre is about to, UM, flower(!).

Then I want to do a detailed analysis of UM, just like I create for my collages.

Also I have to get my new computer hooked up again. Been using my older Dell formerly in the basement for about a week and a 1/2 now because the new one wouldn’t boot up correctly. We’ll try out some possible solutions in the next several days. Else I’ll have to take it in to the campus computer lab to let them look at it.

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