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I’m glad that Hucka D. is starting to attend meetings with Carrcassonnee. Or should I refer to him as Hucka Doobie now? hehe. We’ll see how long it lasts. Short attention span that man-insect has! But I get the gist. Carrcassonnee’s diner is symbol of Hand Lake, as the larger TILE Temple that she originally inhabited in the newest version of Collagesity is Drink Lake. We know now that the two, in real life, are directly north and south of each other — as the temple and diner were (as well) in fake or virtual life. That’s another link or resonance. Further, both Hand and Drink are drinking lakes, and have a water plant nearby that also have a direct north-south relationship. Directly. Hucka D. has stated that a Fringe event has happened in the center of Hand Lake in past/present/future, and *caused* The Finger. Interesting theory. Carrcassonnee seems to back it up but unsure still. The rock in the Collagesity diner is supposedly owned by Peter SoSo, who may be the same as Fringe’s Peter. Carrcassonnee might even double for Olivia, as we’ve talked about before. LINK



If there’s something to all this, Reiden Lake must figure into the mix, a place linking the two realities of Earth depicted in Fringe….



I’m getting hints that Hucka D. doesn’t want me to talk about that much yet. So let’s go here instead: the image of a lake as a hand that basically seals up the whole Falmouth collage series, acting as an Omega element…


(The actual lake in the extended collage) is Tarn at Leaves near Stonetwaite. TaL is filled with algae, as I know Hand Lake is now when visiting midday this past weekend. Mr. Bean has become one with the lake or tarn; seems to be laying down on its shore and drinking from it or perhaps even drowning in it — becoming one with it either way. Same basic color. Then extending from *his* body is an upright map version of Lake Horton in Nauvoo, Illinois, a place famous for the death of Joseph Smith, prophet and founder of Mormonism. The lake contains a single island which is called Gilligan’s Island. And the lake is shaped like a hand of sorts.

Gilligan’s Island is another Omega Point.

bent thumb

(to be continued)

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Carrcassonnee & Hucka D.

(joined in progress)

“… natural to assume that.”


The Great Rubi Woods is the only link I have remaining in Second Life. It still gives off energy.


You’ve been there almost year! One. How you can give up?


I don’t know Carrcassonnee. I suppose I’ll rebuild Collagesity.

Hucka D.:

No. Give it up.


Clarify. You said that earlier (in the meeting).

Hucka D.:

I won’t leave again.




(20 mins. later)

“… said you wouldn’t leave again.”

Hucka D.:

Sorry. The baby needed milking (again).



Hucka D.:

Backwards I know.


I know backwards!

Hucka D.:

Yes. So to Lisa The V. She needs your help. She is not *done* with the project, only resting. Herman Park is not a done deal. Fluid. Still. We have a Fringe event. Central one.


I see.

Hucka D.:

No you don’t.


Where’s Carrcassonnee??


(2 hours later)


If I go there will I be square?

Hucka D.:

I’ll turn that over to Carrcassonnee. Goodbye for now! (Hucka D. buzzes off)


I Carrcassonnee! I help.


You sentences are clipped tonight Carrcassonnee.


Clipp. ed.


What do *you* think happens in the center of Hand Lake? We’ve heard Hucka D.’s tale.


Hucka D. is so right wrong. Left. Left wrong.


He shouldn’t have left?


Okay. Bye!


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I’ve decided to rename Finger Island into Hand Island, with the attached lake it dominates likewise turning into Hand Lake. I do this because there’s clearly not one finger-like extension projecting from the main bulk of the island, but *two*. My reasoning is that the other 3 fingers are represented but hidden, perhaps clustered together like this…


… or maybe even this.


There’s deeper reasons for the name change, however. When feeling the initial desire to turn Finger Island into Hand Island because of the two fingers conundrum outlined above, my mind also turned back to Herman Park and a projected *fourth* lake to be created by Lisa The Vegetarian there called, well, Hand Lake — to complement the perhaps already created Heart Lake, Head Lake, and then soon to be created Health Lake, the last of the four. This duplicates the composition of the 4Hs in the 4H club pledge and famous 4 leaf clover emblem: head, heart, hands and health. There we have a plural form of the same word we’ve applied to the Blue Mountain pool: “hand” to “hands”. But the thing is, Hand (or Hands) Lake was reportedly the only one of the 4 never fulfilled by Lisa V.

References to this from the Frank and Herman Einstein Blog:

“Thanks for that information, Hucka D.,” I said. He smiled. He went to the shelf and removed a red book. Small — no title on the spine or on the front. He opened to page 156.

Noticing this I said, “I’ve already received that message.”

“Received it more,” he came back levelly. He continued to flip through it. “Have you read about Drink Lake yet? Fascinating. You know Lisa the Vegetarian was given Hand Lake and then decided to expand it through this book. The book is the father. Norris was a father; Anderson was a father. Together they created a memory pool of Sandusky County and Clyde extending almost from the years 1860 to 1900, a two score. Booger was told of this.”

McCartney charges Lisa the V. to center the US of A in Arkansas, and kind of tells her how to do it. She creates Head Lake, Heart Lake, Hand Lake, and then Health Lake spinning the opposite direction. To control the spin she must buy all of neighboring Wealthy Mountain — actually Health Lake and Wealthy Mountain are part of one complex, along with Wysei [ which you haven’t found yet]. Then she expanded Hand Lake through the TILE Creek, which was showing off her genius for the first, real time.


Real genius for the first time, you mean.

Hucka D. (continuing):

That expansion is very important. You must study it this spring. For without that expansion, Herman Park does not exist. All would be in the aether still.


I will. I promise.


Who are the singers?

Hucka D.:

They are the genius of Lisa the Vegetarian. They are the expansion of Hand Lake. They are TILE Creek. They will protect.

In addition, Lisa the Vegetarian had several June 2015 posts devoted to her after she topped the voting in the Mystenopolis town deity contest. As far as I know she still holds this rank, even though I, through Baker Bloch, soon left the Mysten sim to return to the Rubi Woods.

So what about this expansion of Hand Lake into TILE Creek, extending from Hand Spring to Drink Lake and a bit beyond?

Well, let’s first explain I also found out this morning that Hand Lake (former Finger Lake once more) lies directly north of Drink Lake, and both bodies of water are sources of drinking water for their respective towns of Blue Mountain and Boulder. *Both* are drinking lakes. In the below 2 images from GoogleEarth, the position of The Finger in Hand Lake is placemarked by a yellow pin, and then a corresponding spot directly south of it in the middle of Drink Lake is similarly marked with a yellow pin. Toggle back and forth to see the overlap. The pin locations are less than 4 miles apart. I was quite surprised to find out how close the 2 pools were.



These are my preliminary thoughts:

The Finger formation of Hand Lake *has* to be the working of Lisa The Vegetarian. She reinforced this through the creation of a second, smaller finger-like extension from the same dominating lake island. She clearly wanted *me* to understand that this was the legendary Hand Lake, *created* but then *displaced* into the Blue Mountain area from the Boulder area. She displaced it directly north of the lake she created *in place* of it near Boulder, or the considerably larger Drink Lake. The Mmms moved in sometime after this. Hermania was created sometime after this. Mossmen learned of the location, and Herman Park as a whole.

Last thoughts for now:

Overlapping Hand Lake and Drink Lake pins and replacing land south of former with south of latter gives the following image, where the two towns of Blue Mountain and Boulder effectively touch in the general pin regions. The 2 town water plants are also obviously a focus of the overlap; they’re also directly north-south of each other, and also “touch” boundaries in the below image.


If we eliminate land *north* of Hand Lake and replace it with land north of Drink Lake instead, we get the following, with the disappearance of both towns and setting the joined drinking lakes in a relative wilderness setting….


(to be continued)

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Actually I’m not going to say much more except to point out that there are a number of phallic references connected to Finger, TN below.



Finger, Tennessee:,_Tennessee


According to tradition, the city received its name when the townspeople upon deciding a suitable name noticed a man’s passionate hand gestures.[4]

The Finger Diner was the original model for the Hard Rock Cafe chain.[5]


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Rediscovery 09/19/15 > 09/20/15

Joe Pye weeds of Finger Island, with flowers a bit past their peak color.


The Finger from its tip. So regular and un-natural seeming.


This is the place off the path running along the northern shore of Finger Lake where I accessed the island. I suppose the associated rock pictured below becomes Access Rock? You simply cross the trunk of a small fallen tree just below the rock to easily reach the island. I would guess Finger Island is a third as big as the whole lake itself. Could be overestimating this.


Weeds along the trail. We are definitely on the doorstep of autumn.


These stepping stone style rocks are where I cross Leola Creek below the Finger Lake dam to get to the most southern part of Rediscovery.


Nearby elongated rock in the center of the creek.


Looking back toward the dam from the crossing.


A house probably marking the eastern edge of Rediscovery, where wilderness meets civilization again.


And then we come to locations from the next day, which would be yesterday as I’m writing this text. This is the first time this summer — and years and years actually — that I’ve explored this region, which can be accessed by an old road splitting off from Water Plant Road to the *south* (as Rediscovery lies north of this same road). Much more woods are found here, with multiple old roads crossing the area. The below photo depicts a more open area in these woods.


These snapshots comes from the edge of a a torn down plant once making top secret electronics.


with The Hill in the background

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Rediscovery 09/19/15

Cattails of Bigfeet Swamp. For now, I’m reverting the name of the area surrounding this swamp to Bigfoot (instead of Bigfeet), but the swamp retains the changed name. I do this for google search reasons, and the need to keep hiding my local woodsy finds from, well, the locals.


*Bigfeet* Swamp intake in *Bigfoot*, then. Confusing? Well, tuff. 🙂


Then it’s over to Finger Lake in Rediscovery again. Nice green algae at the bottom, but this is suppose to represent the reservoir we get the town’s drinking water from? Hmm.


The Finger of Finger Lake once more.


Upstream: the banned waterhole again. In the center of the photo you can see a rather complex rock cairn that has formed on one of its larger rocks since last weekend. Nice.


Waterhole > Finger Lake, its namesake, weed bedecked island ablaze in the sun. Actually about the only thing you can make out on the island is the small Pinkie peninsula, emerging from the near side of the overexposed region and pointing right at us.


Finger Island and another mysterious thing about it: what appears to be some kind of purposeful stick creation near its eastern tip. Looks human-made to me.


More close up. What is the purpose of this?


Discolored, oily water at the tip of the finger.


The small rocks composing The Finger continue underwater past this tip.


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Rediscovery 9/17/15 02

We now move down and across Leola Creek to the new part of Rediscovery uncovered the weekend before this one. LINK . The below photos show more details of a central gully I mention at the first of that earlier post I just linked to, which in heavier rain, would create quite a nice little waterfall I would suppose. I don’t have a name for this “falls” yet. Could this possibly be the fabled lost Marble Falls, where marbles fall back into reality that have been misplaced in previous times?



Another shot of an old road that bisects the gully along its way. This is the one that runs both north and west of a Blue Mountain water treatment plant.


Another surprise: the stream that sometimes flows through this gully with the projected falls has a very physical and concrete source.


I actually looked up this model and found the following link:


If we continue east along the road pictured above, we soon encounter a wetter, weedy part that’s harder to traverse, acting as a pretty efficient barrier between Water Plant Road to the east and points west (like the gully). This colorful log was found on the other side of the seep.


Continuing along this road toward Water Plant Road we encounter yet more evidence of camping past and perhaps even present.



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Rediscovery 9/17/15 01

Beautiful, rocky Leola Creek on the town side of Rediscovery, a little downstream from the reservoir we’re going to be talking about a lot in the next several posts. I now have a name for the large island in the pool (Finger Island) but not the pool itself. Heck I suppose I’ll just call it Finger Res., after the dominating island. Makes sense for now.


And here it is: The most prominent “finger” (finger-shaped rocky penninsula) of Finger Island protruding into Finger Lake or Reservoir. It’s really quite an odd phenomenon, and to double the mystery there’s another similar if smaller finger on the other side. I should call it Fingers Lake/Fingers Island probably, but those don’t have the same ring as Finger Lake/Finger Island. So I’ll just credit the more prominent example in the names.

This is, by the way, what I’d consider a classic shot of The Finger from the path running along the north side of the lake.


Finger Lake as seen from the west. I was on the lower rocks of the banned Rediscovery waterhole I’ve mentioned before when taking these shots. I dare not go further upstream for fear of being seen by passing cars on Leola Creek Road, especially a police car. 😮 It’s difficult to see someone from much of Finger Island from the same road.


The Finger itself from the bordering weeds. It’s really an odd phenomenon. Basically straight as an arrow and equally wide down its approx. 20 foot length it is, until we reach a neatly tapered end. Through information that’s starting to stream in from other directions, let’s say, I think an association with The Point of Herman Park’s Drink Lake may be in order. I’ll go into that further later on, if so.


The Finger from another point of Finger Island.


A bay on the south side of the lake as seen from the island.


The second, smaller and slightly lower “finger” of the island. I think I’ll call it “The Pinkie” or just Pinkie. But you can tell it is of very similar design. The further description of “spookily similar” is not out of order here I don’t believe.

The Pinkie points directly toward the banned Leola Creek waterhole in the background.


Finger Lake dam on the pool’s opposite side from its dominating island.


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Further insights on Carrcass-1 03

Hucka D.:

What does the killing of Real Life Square Guy and Real Life Shark by Real Life Peanut signify, baker b.?


Thanks for starting Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

She is your ticket to ride.


Thanks again. I won’t think about that for a while, then.

Hucka D.:

Good. Good contest last night between Edna and you I hear. A draw again?


Yeah. It was good. Very good. But we probably can’t have another [song contest] for a while. Nights getting colder now.

Hucka D.:

Ah yes. Then back to my question.


Well… Mouse-Fitz-Ozmo wakes up [after the killings] but he’s back in virtual reality, at a time just before he leaves the Cardboard City behind to find out what’s out there. Head heads into the wastelands and eventually the desert, as we know now.

Hucka D.:

You said the Cardboard City is Blue Mountain. You got the impression that this is death. At the end of Green Oz Mouse, we have the scene where Ozmo, the reborn Skillet, Golden Joe and also Peanut leave the Cardboard City to the music of “When We Were Young”, the last track on the 40 track album by The Residents called “Commercial Album”.


One of the greatest albums of our age.

Hucka D.:

Yes. And then at the beginning of the very next synch we have the same song repeating: “When We Were Young”. But to the funeral of Arnold Rimmer. Another death — this verifies to me and perhaps to us, the death motif.


But these are, let’s see, Carrcass-6 and Carrcass-7. Along with Carrcass-1, Carrcass-6 is the one that heavily uses 12 Oz Mouse video, most not the same from Carrcass-1. This is similar to INLAND EMPIRE in Carrcass-1 and the two before it.

Hucka D.:

Carrcass-0 and Carrcass+0.



Hucka D., I think this is just all too complicated to go into here. It’s not like collage interpretation, where you have a solid, fixed image to stare at, and the reader has to stare at. We’re talking about moving pictures here.

Hucka D.:

Yes. A problem. But you have to do it anyway. Pull back. Way back. Start at the Synch page on this site LINK. What are carrcasses? What are Pierre’s creations? Your (baker b.’s) creations?



All 20 episodes before this in Ozmo or 12 Oz Mouse took place in that Cardboard City which we’re now equating with Blue Mountain. I am Ozmo but also Don is Ozmo.

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Further insights on Carrcass-1 02


But then in Carrcass-1, before this — or not long after we first see (Heaven) Lee — we have the 3rd tile kick in. The introduction is the same as the gunshot Real Life Peanut uses to kill Real Life Square Businessman. Is this the same bullet that will be used to kill Lee?

Hucka D., if you’re around, I googled “12 oz mouse peanut kills square” and not far down the list of images I saw this Freakies tree…


… remembering of course that Freakies and (their leader) Boss Moss have been attached to the Jeogeot continent mythology and also the Mossman mythos of Frank/Herman Park. Chance?

Here’s the full video from the same site:


Hucka D.:

Where’d that last one come from?


It was the only other image in that folder and since we’re talking about Jeogeot anyway…

Hucka D.:

There’s the fuzz!


Hucka D.:

That was a close one. So back to Peanuts. He died in the wastelands, leaving not-drunk-enough Ozmo alone with his bestest pal Skillet, who may simply be a counterpart aspect. In the mirror. Renid.


But then in tile 3 he comes back (as stated). Shoots and kills Real Life Square Guy, outside the virtual reality that is. Then we hear the following… Don is obviously the same as Ozmo again, who also wakes up from the dream of *reality*.

Don woke up
And looked at the night before
He knew what he had to do
He was responsible
In the mirror
He saw his friend

Difficult to ascertain how important that is, Hucka D. I believe Don to be resonant with several Don’s I have known, but mainly one we called Mr. Synchronicity at times, like I’m called that at times (by the wife). 2 Mr. Synchronicities rolled into one, then. Don was a powerful solar figure at the center of an old Yahoo board called Synchronicity Phenomena. Fairly recently he passed on — found dead in his home in Marble City, Texas.


I’m always amazed to see one of my images turn up in a random search (this time: “Don Boulet”).

But there’s another Don figure in 12 Oz Mouse, and that comes in the form of character Rhoda who runs the town bar. He’s cyan or blue-green colored just like I energized this other Don I know , a childhood and high school and also college friend. Another powerful solar figure.

Hucka D.:

We don’t have time to go into that now. But, yeah, you’re right. And that makes Ozmo obviously…


Wazob. And this other Don is Eoc, a partner country or its closest traditional ally on the Mythos sphere-planet. Ozmo is Britonia. Skillet is a squirrel and thus Spring Squirrel. Rhoda calls him a dog, however, but Ozmo corrects him.* This is in Carrcass-9, Hucka D.


“Rhoda is emphasized through Slint’s track “Rhoda” from their first album. “Don Aman” (and all the rest from Carrcass-1) are from the 2nd album, called “Spiderland”. Spider is another character in 12 Oz mouse, not un-coincidentally most likely.

“Rhoda dips back into the past, an original state, maybe an original Don. The only US Rhoda is next to Mammoth Cave Park, Hucka D., the mouth of which is seen in the last of 61 works in the huge Falmouth collage collection. Rhoda is there as well, but this is on purpose because of the name juxtaposition in Kentucky.


Hucka D. (looking):

There’s Peanut, He’s got a bit of a drip heading toward him. He may be investigating a murder: red/blue man whose body is laid out on a sidewalk at the cave’s mouth. 12 Oz Mouse with his giant corndog looks on from the right. We see half of blue-green Rhoda in the top right part. Irritating Woman is adding another red balloon to the flying guy’s collection — making him even higher. Will he float off into space, never to return (now)?


* Fuller quote here:

Rhoda: [referring to Skillet] What is that? Is that a dog?

Mouse ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald: He’s a squirrel.

Rhoda: Yeah, I know. Come ‘ere little squirrely.

[Skillet squeaks]

Rhoda: Come and get yourself a nut.

Mouse ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald: Shut up.

Rhoda: You shut up! You have no idea what kind of party is in store for us!

[Mouse points his gun at Rhoda]

Rhoda: [nervously] Okay?

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