Boos Overview 02

Hucka D.:

Several of the Boos collages are built on Google Map Streetview oddities, we’ll call them. The first that appears is of a Wheeler beside the road in Boss, Missouri. I told you it was a Wheeler and I’m now glad you believe me.



Hucka D.:

Another is of mysterious writing in the sky in Thornberry itself, which appears to spell out… shall I say it?



Hucka D.:

It spells out the word “fag”. In capital letters.


Um, yes.



So I’ve organized all the Boos collages in one folder to look at as a collective, Hucka D. It’s interesting — it’s not really Gilatona-Lis; doesn’t quite match that energy. But it’s also beyond the 20 collages series of Oblong and Greenup. It’s a tweener. And perhaps the most interesting innovation for this one is the introduction of the miniature, or the reinforcement thereof. You see it first, really, in Boos 04 (“Dirty Little Wet Seed”), but then full blown in “Atlantic and Pacific”. This is kind of the opposite idea of the large territory covered in the tetraptychs, like the last collage series (Stonethrow) ended with. There are no tetraptychs in Boos. Nor triptychs or even diptychs for that matter. There *are* a number of animations, as I began creating in the Falmouth series. There are a number of interesting pictorial frameworks in Boos. There’s the 3 part “Goodwater Goodland” series, where the 3rd is disattached from the other two chronologically. There’s the reworked and reworked 3rd collage that might have stole thunder from the end of the series. And Thornberry, Canada becomes yet another village or town that is connected to other collage places. There’s wormholes involved.

Hucka D.:

Indeed. So are we going to start tonight?


I’d like to say a little more about the structure. Traditionally, collage series can be broken down into series of 10, like the 10 levels of 10 collages in the Art 10×10 that came before the modern run. Some collages are only composed of 10, or perhaps 9 collages. Like Rose Hill to begin (earliest), and like Hidalgo. Like Sam Parr, Embarras and Stonethrow more recently. But *all* series have at least 9 or 10 collages. The largest, once more, is Falmouth with its 61. Oblong would be two tiers of 10 collages apiece to make 20 total. Same for Greenup. Yale and Newton are series of 10 collages apiece that can be combined to make a 20 collage series called Yale-Newton. Same for the 10 collage series Wheeler and Jasper — they can combine as Wheeler-Jasper. Then Gila, Latona and Lis are all basically series of 9-11 collages which combine to form the collective Gilatona-Lis. Falmouth, the next series, isn’t broken down but extends into its vast length as a whole, although you can separate the collages out by gallery floor.

Boos is similar. It is exhibited in the 3 floors of the Boos Gallery. Floor 1 has 10 collages, once more. And like in the Gilatona-Lis gallery, called the Power Tower Gowlery of course…

Hucka D.:

Of course.


… we have a smaller floor 4, more an extension of floor 3 almost. These smaller upper floors end both series. That’s why I think I associate Boos more with Gilatona-Lis. Actually, Falmouth also has a smaller top floor.

Hucka D.:

We better end.

(to be continued)

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