Baker Bloch has deeded over the Gloomy Gus house to Baker Blinker. All his items within have been deleted. Last object he returned, just to clean under the chairs and sofas as it were, was Karoz’s “Birth of Venus”. How appropriate. Oh, and there was one other magenta sphere he had to return to Karoz a little later on. No one else should have the key.


Baker Bloch, at his core, has always been a wanderer, an explorer of terrain: mountains, islands, forests. He has become displaced because Second Life doesn’t offer much opportunity in this area. Mainland has becomes essentially “Maistland” (mainland + wasteland). But wastelands also have their advantages, and that’s how we move forward. I, though Baker Bloch, Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, Karoz Blogger and the rest, have decided to stick with Second Life up to the bitter end, whenever that occurs. And Collagesity is, I’m pretty sure, a permanent installation until then, my mainland oasis along with the attached woods.

What’s next for my virtual burg? Well, Karoz is setting up his apartment above the Bodega market as a low key command center for the revitalization of a town college or “center of learning”, like he had formerly in Collagesity, Noru-style (Sam Parr State College). Inspired, his mind burns diamond bright. He knows now that he can enter Collage World like Baker Bloch — learned it in Noru as well, where he, for example, recruited members of the experimental rock band Story Room from UK’s Stonethwaite village to teach music and art at his school for its lone, academic semester.

Through these trans-Second Life explorations via “portals” — collages, essentially — Karoz, Baker Bloch and perhaps other Second Life born characters can extend Collagesity into other realms and make it more attached to reality. That is the hope. Collagesity is a larger collage in itself, and one that now has a central heating system keeping it alive and safe. No more invasions from coldly intense, Ancient aliens. That’s all behind us. Now we still have e.t’s and old ones and other types of Lemony World entities in Collagesity, but they’re relatively harmless dudes and dudettes like Carrcassonnee, Furry Karl, Homer Simpson and Dr. Blood/Tinman, easy to love and with formerly harsh or jagged angles smoothed.

*We* survived the storm (“Intense Shower” as it will become known according to Hucka D.) and emerge fresh and revitalized.

Rest in Peace David Bowie.

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