… back on the *fake* moon, Karoz Blogger has taken to sleeping on its edge and away from the creepy John Lockfry/Dr. Mulholland pairing at the Collagesity Diner. His favorite spot is pictured below, where he has that great vantage point for look at the rapidly spinning *real* moon Jack and Bendy are circumnavigating at the same time. Mind you, Karoz cannot monitor their progress from his viewpoint. The moon is but a blur for him. But still he finds comfort in knowing that, in all likelihood, Bendy is still there, and is visiting a homeland. It gives him hope that he too can find a way home.


On this particular morning, simulataneous with Jack and Bendy completing half of the journey around True Moon as they transition from East Pole to South Pole, Karoz awakens to find new Collagesity elements appearing on Fake Moon. A railroad track now seems to completely surround the diner, cutting it off from the rest of the surface. Karoz later understands it is actually an exact semi-circle, also 50 percent complete but still performing the essential separation. Karoz would never see the John Lockfry/Dr. Mulholland duo again.


To his left he spots a ghost image in the sky hovering directly above an illuminated cactus. He recognizes it as the Boos gallery sign.


Karoz correctly wonders if a gateway is forming back to Collagesity. He might be able to go home soon! Back to Baker Blinker and the others. For now the prickly cactus still bars, though. It’s up to Jack and Bendy to do the rest.

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