First/Prime 02

Then we move across Grassy to Secondary, which lies within and also beyond First/Prime. How beyond? Much like the secondary color triad lies both within and beyond the primary triad. Primary *creates* Secondary, as a son/daughter. Internal triangle. So I’ve decided that will be the name for this subregion for now: Secondary. It is featured in what might be the “Bogota 01” collage pictured in preliminary form at the end of this slightly future post. 🙂 Interpretation, thus, to follow, but I’m not sure “Bogota 01” is yet finished. I’m going to treat this collage series a little different from others, perhaps.


Main green circle (front) mirrored by a second green circle behind it. Represents Green in general. Grassy and Green. Green, green grass of home, etc. Orange Prime Stream is in front of it from this angle. This is near where the Arab-like alien Oglethorpe emerged from this tributary of Grassy and became something else in 1930. Pluto is born, a homeworld. Oglethorpe meets Emery, the green or at least olive representation of Grassy. Between them they create the White Rock or, better, White Stone, which *could* be the same as “Collagesity Winter 2015-2015″‘s Moon of Moon, which becomes the primary Moon in the end. It is squaring the circle (of the moon). It’s lots of things. Moving on…


A nearby bend in Prime Stream that seems to indicate a natural ford into Secondary.


Detail of ford.


Again, Secondary is a combination or fusing of the 3 secondary colors of green, orange and violet. The seep that runs underground into Prime here is the violet part, and appropriately colored. But, ironically (?), the only obvious place I could find where it runs into Prime is colored more orange than Prime Stream itself…


And if we look closer at this seep, we see streaks of orange as well inside the dominating violet or dark purple.


On what could be the more western end of Secondary appears this bridge made from a piece of lumber. It really serves no functional purpose. The small creek can be jumped at many places without the aid of a bridge in this location. But, like I said before, there are many bridges over Prime Stream, some of which serve a current function and others obviously not doing so.


And below we have an example of another ford, with bricks protruding from Prime Stream in this location. Was there once a *brick* bridge at this point? I can’t presently wrap my brain around this creek. It contains deep mysteries, but of a different current than the ones I’m more use to in Blue Mountain (current home).


Western Secondary.


A larger Secondary bridge I’ve already taken a picture of for this blog LINK.


And then the end of Prime Stream at Upper Grassy, before it passes under same to reach that more swampy area across the road which seems to represent the brook’s true source (Ivy Marsh?).


Grassy + Ivy make Gravy?



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