First/Prime 04

We shift now to First Creek in the next valley west of Prime Stream, so named because, coming from the direction of Future Home, it would be the first stream encountered in the protected wilderness.


Vegetation here is quite different from Prime Stream. More ivy. More plants in general. It’s also closer to civilization. First Creek cannot be a *prime* focus because of that. Prime is prime; it is what it is. But since I’ve taken these pictures, I’ve also determined that the region I’ve named Secondary within this Prime is also not prime. It also is what it is. And it’s like Second Life now in relation to Prime or Real Life. The latter must take the upper hand. I must not forget about the real. That’s the message I’m receiving.


The First/Prime Path runs through the area, connecting wilderness and the Greenway with civilization in this direction. This is a bridge over First, compliment to the bridge over Prime we’ve just seen. Bikers *do* still use this path, as I witnessed last Saturday. The biker didn’t see me, however, as I squatted in hiding on the edge of Prime Prime, taking it all in.


And the spot pictured below is very near where I was squatting and observing. Here we start with the central mysterious of Prime. The primary part of Prime, as stated. I cannot speak to it much yet, except to say that from the Prime Bridge on down to where Prime Stream meets First Creek is the focus. Real life focus.


Mystery bridge of Prime Prime, presently without real life function.


Prime Prime forest of club moss with accompanying holed tree.


Objects in the stream below.


A blurred tree.


A nearby rocky beach.


A larger stone in Prime just downstream from the beach.


Downstream from that: a tangle, a mess. This is the beating h(e)art of Prime Stream?


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